Saturday, April 13

MJF Suggests He And Ric Flair Have A Buried Alive Match In AEW

Ric Flair turned up unexpectedly in AEW a couple of weeks ago, and turns out it wasn’t just a one-night thing, nor will it be a run that comes to an end when his buddy Sting retires from in-ring competition at Revolution. The Nature Boy has signed a multi-year deal with AEW, and if that doesn’t scare you enough, Flair has claimed since that doctors have cleared him to take bumps. That doesn’t mean AEW will let him wrestle again, but that hasn’t stopped MJF from having a little fun.

A Buried Alive Match

Flair said the one person he’d love to mix it up with in AEW is MJF, and the World Champion replied in kind. “I’m dying to go one-on-one with MJF, man. It would get a rating too. Let’s talk, young man,” Naitch told Variety. MJF got wind of the quote and replied, “How about a buried alive match?” A very in-character dig at Flair’s age and the health issues he suffered a few years ago that almost cost him his life.

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MJF isn’t the first person in AEW to suggest Flair should probably be dead, which is a wild sentence to write considering the two-time Hall of Famer hasn’t even been All Elite for two weeks yet. When Flair debuted and was in the ring with Sting, Christian Cage took a night off from picking on people with dead dads and claimed if there were any justice in the world, Flair would have died years ago.

Will Flair Wrestle In AEW?

Harsh? Yes, but Flair has talked about his own mortality and potential demise himself recently, and he might actually agree with MJF’s approach to their potential match. Flair has said it before but he said it again recently that he would like to die in the ring, and I really think he means it. The 16-time World Champion has spent most of his life between the ropes, and it really seems like he would be happiest if he could pass away doing what he loves more than anything else in the world.

I’m hopeful that AEW isn’t going to put Flair in a match. Tony Khan has already been labeled a hypocrite by some fans for hiring Flair in the first place, so putting him in the ring feels like a big no-no. A few bumps here and there might happen, but they’ll need to be few and far between to make them feel impactful. I’m also excited to see Flair and MJF clash, but just give them a couple of mics. They really don’t need to wrestle.

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