Saturday, April 13

More Details On Vince McMahon’s Removal From WWE Creative

The evidence that McMahon no longer has any influence whatsoever is plain to see.

It was reported earlier this month that Vince McMahon will no longer have any influence over WWE creative, and the new owners of the company are responsible for implementing that mandate. A little more light has been shed on the thinking behind that and how fans have already seen the differences manifesting on TV, even if they didn’t realize it. That the idea moving forward is for Triple H to have complete control, and that the in-ring action and women’s division have already improved since the changes were made.

No More Creative Control For Vince McMahon

Although it seems likely Endeavor had a plan and it’s sticking to it, one WWE source told Fightful Select (via TJR Wrestling) that the complete removal of McMahon seemed to happen overnight. Prior to that, even though the executive chairman was rarely actually in the building, it was easy to tell when his influence had been felt by checking who was slated to get TV time on any given night.

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Another source confirmed that the product already feels fresher, pointing to the match between Gunther and Bronson Reed on this week’s Raw as evidence of what Endeavor wants from a Triple H-led creative team. A bigger focus on in-ring action. While not mentioned, I’d include Ricochet vs. Shinsuke Nakamura under that umbrella too. The pair kicked off Raw in fantastic fashion with Ricochet being celebrated by fans on social media for his acrobatics ever since.


In The Weeds

Another source referenced McMahon claiming he was no longer in the weeds to perfectly describe how strong the boss’s influence was prior to the recent changes. “I guess he wasn’t lying when he said he wasn’t in the weeds, but in a way, he just sprayed roundup on the weeds and checked in on them every so often,” the source said. So even though he wasn’t ever-present backstage like he used to be, his influence was still felt and frequently refreshed whenever it started to wear off.

I wasn’t at all surprised to learn McMahon would have a place in the newly formed TKO. I am surprised to see that the reason McMahon was kept on wasn’t so he could slyly be slotted back into working on WWE’s product on a daily basis. Endeavor and Ari Emanuel appear to prefer the product when Triple H is in charge, and who can blame them? Emanuel has even publicly blamed TKO’s stock drop on McMahon. Suffice to say, perhaps he’d prefer it if McMahon wasn’t involved at all.

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