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Most Embarrassing WrestleMania Moments

Over the last four decades, WrestleMania has become more than a show, it’s a cultural landmark. Even people who know nothing of pro wrestling know about the PPV and its impact over the world. It’s home to major matches, celebrity appearances, and more. Which means any mistakes and other rough moments are intensified because Mania makes it a bigger event.


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It’s easy to list merely the worst moments in Mania in terms of awful matches and rough booking. But other moments are low because they weren’t things WWE could have planned. Some were simple botches, while others involved some bad celebrity appearances. They’re so bad WWE barely even acknowledges they happened on the video releases. It’s a long list, but here are ten of the most embarrassing moments to occur on the Grandest Stage of All, which become more epic being connected to Mania.

UPDATE: 2024/02/27 20:00 EST BY ANDREW KELLY

The longer that WrestleMania goes on, the more chance there is for some embarrassing moments, silly gaffs, and moments that both fans and wrestlers alike would rather forget all about. Even in recent years, more moments that were very embarrassing took place which can certainly be added to this list. Whether these moments be from WWE’s own booking and design or something unavoidable, these moments will certainly be remembered, some for the completely wrong reasons!

13 Shane McMahon Tears His Quad Against The Miz

Shane McMahon’s Return Was A Shambles

  • The Miz had an impromptu match against the returning Shane McMahon
  • Seconds in, McMahon tore his quad and fell to the mat
  • Snoop Dogg had to step in and finish the match

At WrestleMania 39, The Miz was forced to have two impromptu matches – one against Pat McAfee and the other against Shane McMahon. McMahon came out to a big pop, unloaded on The Miz, and then went for a leapfrog. On the landing, he tore his squad and folded into the mat, unable to compete.

This was a hugely embarassing moment, and it would have been a shambles if it wasn’t for Snoop Dogg, who entered the ring to complete the match, hitting a People’s Elbow.

12 Mandy Rose Takes A Big Slip On The WrestleMania Ramp

Her Fall Was Comical

  • WrestleMania 37 was delayed by rain
  • Mandy Rose was set for a tag team gauntlet
  • She slipped on the ramp

In an unprecedented moment, WWE’s WrestleMania 37 was delayed by rain. The ramp was wet, and despite WWE’s best efforts, someone took a big slip and fall.

This was Mandy Rose, who had the most comically embarrassing cartoon-esque slip imaginable. It was very funny, but not a moment Rose will want to remember.

11 Papa Shango Misses His Cue In The WrestleMania Main Event

The WrestleMania 8 Main Event Was A Mess

  • Shango was supposed to interfere in the main event
  • He didn’t come out in time, so Sid had to kick out of Hogan’s finisher
  • The whole angle was an embarrassing mess

Hulk Hogan battled Sid in the main event of WrestleMania 8, and the debuting Papa Shango was supposed to emerge to cause a DQ in a big angle. However, he was slow to come out, with WWE’s camera work clearly showing the awkwardness of it all.

Sid had to kick out of Hogan’s unstoppable finisher, the whole thing ended up being a moment to forget, and no doubt one of the worst endings to WrestleMania in history.

10 Santina Marella Wins Divas Battle Royal

The Women’s Division Was Buried

  • Santino Marella played the role of his “twin sister”
  • “Santina” defeated all of WWE’s women and legends
  • “Santina” made a joke of WWE’s women’s division

Before the Divas Revolution began, WWE put on many embarrassing moments for the company’s women. At Mania 25, WWE put together a “Miss Wrestlemania” battle meant to honor the women in their company.


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The first bad move was that several of the ladies (Molly Holly, Sunny, Kelly Kelly) didn’t even get ring introductions. The battle royal was a messy affair with a lot of fumbling. The worst was the winner: Santino Marella as his “twin sister” Santina. This was a true low point for WWE’s women.

9 Roddy Piper’s WrestleMania Racism

Piper’s Racism Has Been Removed From History

  • Roddy Piper did “blackface” at WrestleMania
  • He painted his body half black
  • WWE has removed this from the WWE Network

Roddy Piper was always known for playing by the beat of his own drum. But no one could understand what he was thinking at Wrestlemania VI. For his match with Bad News Brown, Piper decided to paint half his body black.

He even had the colored half making “jive” movements during the match, which ended in a double count out. A fun story is Andre the Giant ruined the solution to wash the paint so Piper had to fly out of Toronto still looking this way.

8 Butterbean Destroying Bart Gunn In A Shoot

WWE’s Brawl For All Was A Mess

  • WWE held a shoot boxing match
  • Bart Gunn was not ready for this fight
  • Butterbean squashed him in seconds

The Brawl For All is one of the biggest misfires of the Attitude Era. A “tough man” contest with bad matches and real injuries, it was obvious WWE wanted to end it but committed to a payoff. So at Mania XV, Bart Gunn faced Butterbean, the boxer known for his portly body and bald head.

The “bout” lasted all of 37 seconds, with Butterbean knocking Bart out easily to make him look like a loser. Also, the ref, Vinny Pazienza, punched out the San Diego Chicken. A fitting end to an ugly mess.

7 Regis Philbin’s Disastrous WrestleMania Interview

This Was A Terrible Interview

  • Regis Philbin was good at his job… until WrestleMania
  • This is another questionable and arguably racist moment in WWE
  • This isn’t a moment brought up by WWE

The late Regis Philbin was a fun broadcaster and well experienced with interviews. Too bad his Wrestlemania VII appearance was one of the worst of his life. It was fun seeing Regis trying to talk to the Undertaker and other stars.

But then he was put with Kōji Kitao and Genichiro Henry. Clearly unable to speak Japanese, Regis was reduced to yelling out the names of car companies like Toyota and Isuzu to the dumbfounded pair. This is not a clip you’ll see on a Regis retrospective.

She Was Not Suited To The Role

  • WWE used a lot of celebrities at WrestleMania
  • Susan Saint James was a deer in headlights
  • WWE should not have put her on commentary

On a DVD doc, even Vince admits he went overboard with the celebrities at Wrestlemania 2. That included putting several on commentary. While Cathy Lee Crosby and Elvira weren’t too bad, Susan Saint James was something else.

The sitcom actress clearly had no idea what pro wrestling was like, barely knew anyone’s names, and the fact the New York section was the weakest of the show didn’t help. Vince could be seen grimacing at her flat “uh-huh” and “wow,” and little wonder he cut down on the celebrity involvement the next year.

5 Maria Menonous’ Pant Stain At WrestleMania 28

An Unfortunate Moment For Menonous

  • WWE fan and celeb Maria Menonous had a WrestleMania match
  • She gave a stink face to Eve Torres
  • This left a questionable mark on her white gear

Having Maria Menonous in a Mania match with Kevin Kelly facing Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres was nutty enough. To her credit, Maria wasn’t too bad in the match with some nice athleticism.

But it took a turn when the cameras showed her white pants suddenly stained with brown. While it was because of Torres’ makeup, the image was much different to home viewers to make them wonder if Maria needed a trip to the bathroom.

4 Kid Rock Had A Long And Awkward WrestleMania Concert

Fans Wanted To See Wrestling

  • WrestleMania has held several musical performances
  • Kid Rock’s was the most awkward and long-winded
  • Fans didn’t want to see this concert

There’s an entire list to be made of embarrassing celebrity moments at Mania, but this has to rank high. At Wrestlemania 25, WWE thought eventual Hall Of Famer Kid Rock would be a great star, pushing him in promotions. Instead of just one song, Rock proceeded to do a mini-concert, which denied some wrestlers enough match time.

It culminated in Rock holding up the mic so the fans could sing back the lyrics….and dead silence echoed in the stadium. Mania is meant for wrestling, not music.

3 WrestleMania XI Was Riddled With Audio Issues

  • This was WWE’s 11th WrestleMania
  • Despite ease in the past, this was a horror show for production
  • WWE had to clean up WrestleMania 11 after the event had ended

In 1995, technology wasn’t what we know today, yet it’s amazing for the biggest show of the year that WWE couldn’t get things working. For reasons no one can explain, the audio for the entire night was completely messed up.


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Nicolas Turturro and Jenny McCarthy’s celebrity interviews couldn’t work, and the commentary was so bad it had to be redubbed for the video release. Even Vince McMahon snapped on “our crackerjack audio team” to make this a glitch-filled mess which fits perfectly with 1995 WWE.

2 Ultimo Dragon’s Trip Down The Ramp At WrestleMania

Dragon Competed At WrestleMania 20

  • Ultimo Dragon’s WWE run was poor
  • He slipped during his WrestleMania entrance… twice
  • This was a poor night of Dragon

After a great run in WCW, Ultimo Dragon was brought to WWE in 2004 with hopes he could be a top masked superstar. It never quite worked out as he was lost in the shuffle. The only attention he got was one everyone regrets.

At Wrestlemania XX, Dragon was part of a Cruiserweight Open when he tripped on his own cape coming down the ramp. He then tripped again, trying to make his signature pose. The Dragon left the company soon after this embarrassing showcase.

1 Hulk Hogan Flubbed His Lines At WrestleMania… Twice

The Silverdome, Brother

  • Hulk Hogan opened WrestleMania 30
  • He made an infamous error, mistaking venues
  • He did the same thing in 2019

When it comes to genuinely baffling mental miscues, Hulk Hogan at Mania XXX has to count. Coming out as the host, Hogan cut a big promo on the event, was getting the fans fired up, and talked of how great it was to be in the Silverdome.

The problem being that this was the Superdome in New Orleans. In 2019, Hogan returned and poked fun at his earlier gaffe “mixing up” the Superdome with the MetLife Center….which was actually the MetLife Stadium. No wonder his movie career never took off.

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