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Most Overrated WCW Factions

Every wrestling promotion in the world has created factions, which can be at any level in the company and fulfill various roles. These factions can include enhancement talent or young stars who are under the learning tree of veterans in the world of professional wrestling.


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While there were many problems with WCW, their tag team division was strong. The company had many popular tag teams on the roster over the years.

Some factions go on to dominate the promotion and add their name to the history books. However, there are times when factions are created for such purposes, but they stray away from their main purpose by becoming overrated and needless after a while in the company. This was the case with these overrated factions in WCW.

The Stud Stable Had Four Different Iterations Over A Decade

Fourth Time Isn’t The Charm

  • The Stud Stable members in WCW included Arn Anderson, Steve Austin and Terry Funk
  • The group has had different runs under various promotions over the past four decades
  • The WCW version lasted for nearly two years

The Stud Stable is one of the most popular factions from the 80s, which often had major stars in the group throughout different promotions. The faction made its way from Southeastern Championship Wrestling to World Championship Wrestling over a decade and had different iterations.

Robert Fuller has led four of its versions across the promotion and the stable earned success with different members in the world of professional wrestling. Unfortunately, the faction became quite overrated and needless when they made their way to WCW. The group members often left the stable, losing the name it once upheld.

The Millionaire’s Club Feuded With The New Blood In WCW

Veterans Who Shouldn’t Have Been In The Main Event

  • The Millionaire’s Club had several veterans in WCW
  • The group lasted less than four months
  • Hulk Hogan walked out of the company, which marked the end of the faction

In 2000, WCW had the idea of creating two stables that went after each other during the company’s final years. The New Blood was filled with young talent who wanted to make a name in professional wrestling by capturing titles in the promotion. The other was The Millionaire’s Club.

The members were veterans who were past their prime and wanted to dominate the company. The idea worked well on paper but failed in terms of execution. The stable was not only overrated, but it failed to make the impact it imagined after the issues that took place behind the scenes which led to Hulk Hogan walking out of the promotion.

The Flock Flopped In WCW

Raven Had Different Iteration Of The Flock Under Various Promotions

  • Raven’s stable had different iterations in WCW, ECW, TNA, and MLW
  • The stable won gold in WCW and TNA
  • Raven always led the stable in promotions during his tenure

Raven’s Nest was hugely over during their days in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) as fans were behind the stable due to its organic growth and connectivity with the audience. The group had its fair share of success in Philly before they left for World Championship Wrestling in 1997.


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Unfortunately, The Flock, as it was renamed in WCW, failed to create the same magic and success under a different promotion. The audience of the promotion wasn’t too familiar with Raven’s Flock as many felt it was overrated due to the hype it earned during its ECW days. In less than two years, the faction ended in World Championship Wrestling after losing most matches.

NWO Wolfpack Was An Extension Of The Original Group

Not Every Stable Needs A Spin-Off

  • NWO Wolfpack was created to stand against Hulk Hogan
  • Notable names joined and switched sides during the NWO storyline
  • NWO Hollywood and Wolfpack united to create NWO Elite

In 1998, the NWO effect had started to run out as the promotion pulled every trick in their hat to keep the group going longer in the main event scene. However, it became evident that Hulk Hogan was using the members to stay at the top and that didn’t sit well with other major stars in the faction during their run with the promotion.

The stable started hot, providing an alternative to the NWO Hollywood led by Hulk Hogan. However, it became overrated and tiring after a while when too many major stars kept switching sides between both stables to keep the storyline intriguing. In the end, both stables reunited and acted like it was part of their long con after they rebranded themselves as NWO Elite.

The Not So Dangerous Faction

Paul Heyman Led Two Versions of Dangerous Alliance In ECW And WCW

  • Paul Heyman led the stable in WCW and ECW
  • The stable also had another reincarnation at Extreme Championship Wrestling
  • Arn Anderson, Rick Rude, Steve Austin, and Jimmy Snuka were some of the notable names from the group

By the end of 1991, Paul Heyman (FKA Paul E. Dangerously) created the Dangerous Alliance and dominated WCW for months with major stars such as Rick Rude, Steve Austin, Madusa, Arn Anderson, and more. The stable had all the potential in the world with Dangerously as their mouthpiece.

However, it failed within a year after the overrated tag it received after a while. Moreover, the booking didn’t help as the faction’s downfall began after they lost at WrestleWar. The stable showcased potential during its early months, but the bad booking made fans turn away from the group and lose interest as members started to slowly move away into different storylines.

Hulk Hogan Defeats WCW’s Alliance

Dungeon Of Doom And The Four Horseman created The Alliance

  • The Dungeon of Doom primarily feuded with Hulk Hogan
  • The Giant got his big break from the faction
  • The Alliance to end Hulk Hogan failed and didn’t last long

The Dungeon of Doom is often regarded as one of the worst stables in the history of World Championship Wrestling due to its horrendous track record when it came to defeating Hulk Hogan. The storyline went on for a while when the villainous stable recruited wrestlers with different monster traits to defeat The Hulkamaniac.


10 Things Fans Forget About The Dungeon Of Doom In WCW

The Dungeon of Doom had iterations in WWE and WCW, and there’s probably a lot you forgot about their run in the latter.

However, it was only the beginning of the end for the faction after they created an alliance with The Four Horsemen. The group picked up steam for a while, which quickly fizzled out due to its losing ways. The failed alliance also harmed The Four Horsemen’s reputation. The alliance was one of the most overrated and needless factions the promotion ever created that failed horrendously in achieving its goal.

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