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Most Unlikable Wrestling Managers

The art of managing requires someone adding to the story in the ring, even if they are only standing outside of it. Managers in WWE and beyond try to make their careers work by getting wrestlers over. Many noteworthy names were hated for their time managing, whether by intention or not.


10 Greatest Wrestling Managers (& The Wrestler Most Associated With Them)

While the best managers in wrestling history have had more than one client in their careers, they’re often synonymous with one particular wrestler.

Some talents just can’t win the audience over and get that “go away” heat on the job. Others are just stellar heels to have an invested audience hate them for their actions. The history of wrestling places the names in question on the same side in this context. Each of the following managers has the reputation for being hated by fans.

Ted DiBiase Used His Wrestling Career For Manager Heat

Moving To Managing Allowed Him To Continue Million Dollar Man Gimmick

  • Career-Ending Injury Led To Ted Becoming Top Heel Manager
  • Million Dollar Corporation Became Upper Card Heel Faction
  • Managing Steve Austin Was Final Run Before Leaving For WCW

WWE booked Ted DiBiase as arguably the top heel in the entire company during the Golden Era. DiBIase’s injury history forced him to retire from the ring at an earlier age than expected and move to the managing side.


10 Matches Featuring Wrestling Managers We Completely Forgot About

Matches involving managers were rarely classics. However, these bouts are more or less completely forgotten about.

The Million Dollar Corporation had many wrestlers featured on WWE TV with DiBiase cutting their promos. DiBiase tried his best to use the heat from his wrestling career to become a top manager. The only problem was the wrestlers he managed rarely felt as important as him.

Dan Lambert Received Nuclear Heat In AEW

Trashing AEW’s Fan Base & Wrestlers As Faction Leader

  • Tony Khan Gave Lambert Faction Based On Heel Promos
  • Tried To Get Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page Over As Team
  • Pushed Buttons To Upset Fans For Massive Boos

Dan Lambert used his MMA ties and wrestling passion to become a manager in AEW. American Top Team saw Lambert managing Scorpio Sky, Ethan Page, Lance Archer, and Paige Van Zant. Other relevant MMA names often appeared with them in secondary roles.

The heel personality of Lambert allowed him to break out as the only member of the group with a voice. AEW fans gave him huge boos every week and wanted to see someone shut him up. Lambert lived for the heat and loved pushing the audience’s buttons.

Mama Benjamin Was Hired For Awful Shelton Storyline

Shelton’s Heel Turn Suffered From Becoming Mama’s Boy

  • Shelton’s Promo Skills Caused WWE To Want Changes
  • Actress Was Hired To Play Comedic Mother Character
  • Fans Felt Shelton Was Diminished In Lackluster Role

WWE slowed down the push of Shelton Benjamin once they questioned his promo skills and ceiling after a babyface push. Benjamin turned heel and underwent some changes before WWE took a risk that backfired.

An older actress was hired to play Shelton’s mother, which made his life difficult at work, but she inspired him to win matches. Bad comedy segments annoyed many fans, who missed the old Benjamin as a great in-ring mid-card talent.

Harvey Wippleman Played Intentionally Cowardly Heel

Fans Got Sick Of Him By End Of WWE Managing Tenure

  • Used Smaller Size To Play Weasel Heel Character Managing Others
  • Sid, Kamala & Adam Bomb All Had Weak Pushes With Him
  • Failed Angle With Bertha Faye Ended His Managing Stint

WWE used Harvey Wippleman in a few different roles, but he was best known for being a manager. Wippleman being one of the smallest performers in the industry saw him playing a whiny and cowardly heel managing much larger talents.

Names like Sid Justice and Kamala received pushes with Wippleman doing the talking for better or worse. Fans viewed Harvey with “go away” heat by the time he managed Bertha Faye as a love interest. WWE eventually moved him into road agent and referee roles after ending his managing career.

Sensational Sherri Was Most Underrated Golden Era Heel

Thrived As Outstanding Villain Valet For Many Main Event Names

  • One Of The First Women To Attack Male Wrestlers During Matches
  • Managed Multiple Legendary Heels At Important Times In Their Careers
  • Deserves More Credit Historically As All-Time Great Heel Manager

The valet role often sees Miss Elizabeth named as the most important of the 1980s and early 1990s, but Sensational Sherri did more. Elizabeth thrived as a silent character with Randy Savage. Sherri made herself part of the show by contributing to matches.

WWE, WCW, and other promotions used Sherri as a tremendous heel personality that didn’t mind getting violent. Fans gave Sherri some of the loudest boos while managing the likes of Savage, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels and plenty of other relevant names.

Paul Heyman Is Still Defining Heel Manager Role Today

Managed Multiple All-Time Greats During Their Peaks In Wrestling

  • Managed Three Legendary WWE World Champions At Their Best
  • Broke Out In WCW Managing Dangerous Alliance Heel Group
  • Still Writing His Legacy Today As Manager Entering Hall Of Fame

The managing career of Paul Heyman is being honored at WrestleMania 40 for all his contributions to the industry. Heyman first showed his greatness in WCW managing the Dangerous Alliance with legends like Steve Austin, Arn Anderson, Madusa and Rick Rude involved.


10 Best Managers in ECW History, Ranked

In addition to standout wrestlers, ECW boasted some great managers that fans still talk about today.

However, it was the WWE chapters that showed how great he was at the heel side. Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar and CM Punk all had arguably the best runs of their careers as world champions managed by Heyman. The legendary manager knew how to make fans hate him and his clients on command.

Vickie Guerrero Couldn’t Even Speak Over Her Boos

Become Most Unexpected Heat Magnet As Non-Wrestler

  • Wasn’t Expected To Have A Long-Term Role Until Impressing WWE
  • Managed Edge During Some Of His Best World Title Reigns
  • Helped Other Names Like Dolph Ziggler Benefit From Her Heat

WWE hired Vickie Guerrero after Eddie Guerrero passed away for a short-term angle between Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero. However, Vickie ended up becoming a hated enough heel character with massive boos every week to stay on television for years.

Edge had another great main event run as the World Champion on Smackdown, thanks to Guerrero dating him to make them both hated. Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and others also benefited from Vickie’s crowd hate until she left the company.

Daivari & Muhammad Hassan Were The Most Hated Heels At The Time

Hassan Being Moved From WWE TV Ended Daivari’s Relevance

  • Hassan Becoming Most Hated Villain Helped Daivari As Manager
  • Wrestled Tag Matches Whenever Hassan Needed A Tag Partner
  • Managed Kurt Angle, Mark Henry & Great Khali Before Fizzling Out

WWE pushed Muhammad Hassan as an anti-American heel with Daivari as his manager. The post-9/11 world of patriotism saw Hassan and Daivari complaining about facing bigotry as Arab-Americans, which touched on real-life society issues.

Daivari lucked out from managing Hassan to get his heel persona some credibility as well. WWE eventually removed Hassan from television due to a controversial booked segment. Daivari had more heel runs with Kurt Angle and Mark Henry, but the loss of Hassan slowed down his individual momentum.

Brandi Rhodes Was Most Hated AEW Manager

Fans Couldn’t Stand Her Pushes As A Face Or Heel

  • Fans Felt She Was Being Overpushed Over Other Women On Roster
  • Nightmare Collective Faction Managing Awesome Kong Flopped Badly
  • Face Role Back With Cody Caused Fans To Boo Them Both In AEW

AEW named Brandi Rhodes the Chief Brand Officer of the company and gave her an on-screen role when it started. Brandi was, unfortunately, one of the first talents to see fans turn against her with a push leading the Nightmare Collective.

Even the face run of Brandi managing Cody played a role in them both getting unexpectedly booed. AEW overpushing Brandi saw the momentum continuing to spiral. Many fans were happy when Cody arrived in WWE without Brandi managing him for a fresh start.

Bobby Heenan Defined The Heel Manager Role

Loved Knowing He Could Make Fans Hate Him So Easily

  • Managed Many Of The Best Heel Wrestlers Of His Era
  • Always Received Some Of The Loudest Boos On Shows
  • Commentating Shows In Between Managing Made Him More Hated

Paul Heyman and Bobby Heenan are usually the two names first mentioned when discussing the greatest manager of all-time. Heenan thrived as an obnoxious and cowardly heel that did everything possible to help his clients.

Names like Ric Flair, Andre the Giant, Rick Rude, Mr. Perfect and the Brain Busters were just some of the few to get more heat from Heenan managing them. Both WWE and WCW witnessed Heenan getting loud boos any time he was in the manager role.

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