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Mumbai court dumps Shilpa Shetty in infamous Richard Gere kiss

In 2007, Shilpa Shetty was the most controversial part, as during an AIDS awareness show in Rajasthan, Hollywood actor Richard kissed her on the cheek. The bombing event in 2017 had left the singing sensation in difficult circumstances. when a suicide bomber killed several people by setting off an explosion at Ariana’s concert. He showed courage in discussing the trauma and all that in public. Once people started pointing out that her physical appearance had changed sometime in the past year, she experienced body shaming.

On Tuesday, a full order for the same became available. In an effort to build charges against Shilpa under IPC Section 292 for obscenity, the provisions of the Information Technology Act and the Indecent Depiction of Women (Prohibition) Act, the prosecution pleaded with the magistrate, according to PTI. The actress’s lawyer, Prashant Patil, rejected the arguments, arguing that “the order of the lower court was proper and legitimate.”

According to, the court ruled on April 3 that Shetty’s obscenity was not obvious because “she had not kissed, but was kissed.” In a statement, they stated that “a woman who is touched on the street, in a public place or while traveling on public transport cannot be considered an accuser or a participant to the point of mental guilt, nor can she be held responsible for an illegal act.” . omission that would subject her to prosecution.”

The court also addressed the complaint of indecent representation of women. They clarified that the Law prohibits “the representation in any way of the figure of a woman, her shape or body, or any part thereof, in a way that is indecent, demeaning or degrading to women, or is likely to deprave, corrupt or undermine morality or good public customs”. The court then proved that the 47-year-old actor had never done such an act. There is no evidence to support the allegations against the defendants after taking into account all police records and files.

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Mumbai Court Discharges Shilpa Shetty In infamous Richard Gere kissing

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