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Muscular WCW Wrestlers Who Failed

World Championship Wrestling was a professional wrestling powerhouse in the 1990s. WCW would challenge WWE for sports entertainment supremacy and, along the way, market and display some of the biggest stars in the history of professional wrestling. WCW would be the home of Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Randy Savage, and many more popular sports entertainers. While the 1980s would be the decade of the body builder in professional wrestling, many musclemen would still find success in the 1990s.


10 Most Muscular Wrestlers From The 1990s: Where Are They Now?

What has happened to the wrestlers with the greatest physiques of the 1990s?

Bill Goldberg would dominate WCW with his muscular body and explosive athleticism. Sting, a former bodybuilder of the 1980s, would become the WCW Franchise during the 90s. Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner would use his muscular physique to become a major star during the company’s dying days. Yet, the muscular physique was not a ticket to WCW success.

The Renegade Was 5’10, 255 Pounds

The Ultimate Copycat

Wrestling Career

Debut May 28, 1990

Last Match: December 7, 1998

Major Accomplishments

1x WCW Television Champion

Ultimate Warrior Stunt Double

The Renegade packed a ton of muscle on his 5’10, 255 pound frame. The powerhouse would also wear facepaint and have his hair long and out of control when he debuted in WCW. The problem was the ultimate surprise, was the poor man’s version of the Ultimate Warrior. Adding to that problem, Renegade couldn’t wrestle. He would capture a TV title in his WCW days, but even with all the muscles, he never got over with the fans.

Scott Putski Was 5’11, 260 Pounds

Second Generation Polish Powerhouse

Wrestling Career

Debut: 1986

Last Match: Still Active

Major Accomplishments

Competed at Ground Zero PPV 1997

Number 67 in the PWI 500 1995

Second generation sports entertainer Scott Putski, is the son of WWE Hall of Famer the Polish Hammer Ivan Putski. Scott would compete in both WWE and WCW in the 1990s, yet never found success. Scott was a very muscular and chiseled performer, yet his powerhouse build didnt elevate him up the card in either of the major 1990s promotions. Putski’s biggest WCW success would be a win on Monday Nitro over mid carder Scotty Riggs in 1998. By the end of 1999, Putski was out of WCW.

Chase Tatum Was 6’4, 265 Pounds

No Limits Powerhouse Number One

Wrestling Career

Debut: March 14, 1998

Last Match: July 28, 2007

Major Accomplishments

Won Mr. Georgia Bodybuilding Competition

Joined the No Limit Soldiers

Former bodybuilder Chase Tatum would debut in March 1998 with a loss to Bill Goldberg on WCW Saturday Night. Tatum would join the No Limit Soldiers and fued with the West Texas Rednecks to little success. Tatum would have singles matches on WCW Nitro and Thunder, but never came out with a win. Tatum would wrestle Mikey Whipwresk to a draw in his last WCW match on August 23rd 1999. After leaving WCW, Tatum would wrestling Prototype (John Cena) in a losing effort for Ultimate Pro Wrestling in December 2000.

Swoll Was 6’7, 325 Pounds

Yet Another Big Powerhouse For No Limits

Wrestling Career

Debut: May 3, 1991

Last Match: August 17, 1999

Major Accomplishments

Wrestled On PPV Bash at the Beach 1999

Member of No Limit Soldiers

Speaking of the No Limit Soldiers, one of the most visually striking members of the group was Swoll. The muscular powerhouse was billed as 6’7 and would compete against the West Texas Rednecks over rap music. Swoll would team with B.A. (Brad Armstrong) in his in ring debut, defeating the jobber team of Disorderly Conduct on WCW Thunder. Then Swoll would win an 8 man tag match at Bash at the Beach in July 1999. Unfortunately, Swoll would retire in August 1999, before much success was found.

Mean Mike Enos Was 6’4, 252 Pounds

Wrecking Crew Powerhouse

Wrestling Career

Debut: 1988

Last Match: 2000

Major Accomplishments

PWI Rookie of the Year (with Wayne Bloom) 1989

1x AWA Tag Team Champion

Mike Enos would team with Wayne Bloom and become AWA World Tag Team Champions in the late 1980s, before the duo joined WCW as the Minnesota Wrecking Crew II. They found little success, and moved on to WWE as the Beverly Brothers. Enos would rejoin WCW in 1996, but still not find success in the company. The most notable moment of Enos’ WCW career, would occur when wrestling Steve Doll in May 1996. During their match, Scott Hall (the Outsider) made his WCW debut interrupting their match.

Ultimate Warrior Was 6’2, 280 Pounds

Ultimate Powerhouse Became The Ultimate Flop

Wrestling Career

Debut: November 23, 1985

Last Match: June 25, 2008

Major Accomplishments

2x WWE Intercontinental Champion

1x WWE World Champion

The Ultimate Warrior is one of the most well known characters in professional wrestling history. Warrior would take WWE by storm in the late 1980s and win the World Championship from Hulk Hogan in the main event of WrestleMania.


10 Harsh Realities Fans Of The Ultimate Warrior Need To Realize

While The Ultimate Warrior is a WWE legend and a Hall Of Famer, there are plenty of negative aspects surrounding him.

Yet, by 1998, a lot of the Warrior’s fandom had worn off. When Warrior debuted in WCW, the business had started to change. Warrior’s ultimate rematch with Hulk Hogan at Halloween Havoc would be a disaster, as was his run in WCW. Warrior would make his last WCW appearance November 9, 1998.

Kid Romeo Was 5’10, 185 Pounds

A Jacked Cruiserweight That Didn’t Succeed

Wrestling Career

Debut: September 3, 1999

Last Match: November 16, 2008

Major Accomplishments

1x WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Champion

Wrestled on WCW’s Final PPV, Greed

Kid Romeo looked the part of a muscular Cruiserweight powerhouse in WCW, yet he never accomplished as much as his image suggested he would. Debuting in January 2000, Romeo would find so little success he was sent to Japan to increase his skill level. When Romeo returned to WCW in 2001, he would debut a heel Ricky Martin gimmick. The heel gimmick led to Romeo teaming with Elix Skipper in the inaugural Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship tournament. The duo would become the first champions, but would drop the titles to Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman on the final WCW Monday Nitro.

Super Invader Was 6’1, 270 Pounds

The Former Hercules Was A Failure In WCW

Wrestling Career

Debut: 1979

Last Match: 1999

Major Accomplishments

220 of Top 500 in PWI Years (2003)

Slammy Award (1987)

Harley Race would bring in his “Asian” assassin, Super Invader, in 1992. The character was played by the former Hercules in WWE. The masked heel had an impressive physique but didn’t pick up many wins in his stay in World Championship Wrestling. By the end of 1992, Super Invader had left WCW. His biggest win in his short stay occurred at Clash of the Champions 20, as his heel team defeated the babyface quartet of Sting, Nikita Koloff and the Steiner Brothers. Super Invader would leave WCW and become Hercules again while teaming up with Scott Norton as the Jurassic Powers.

High Voltage Combined For A Muscular Weight Of 504 Pounds

Tag Team Powerhouses That Had The Look, And Nothing Else

Wrestling Career

Debut: June 3, 1996

Last Match: September 5 1998

Major Accomplishments

Wrestled On PPV Hog Wild 1996

Defeated Wrath & Mortis on WCW Monday Nitro (1997)

The tag team High Voltage looked the look but did not walk the walk of a dominant powerhouse tag team. Rage and Kaos met at the WCW Power Plant in 1995 and by 1996 they were enhancement talent. They would debut in June 1996 and not pick up their first win until October. In late 1998, Rage would be injured and Kaos would set out on a singles career. During that time, he was chosen by Rick Steiner to defend the WCW World Tag Team Championships. Steiner would get injured, and the tag titles would be vacated.

Max Muscle Was 6’4, 330 Pounds

Maximum Powerhouse

Wrestling Career

Debut 1992

Retired 2009

Major Accomplishments

DDP’s Bodyguard

Member of Dungeon Of Doom

Max Muscle may have been the most impressive looking professional wrestler in all of WCW when he debuted as Diamond Dallas Page’s bodyguard in 1995. The 6’4, 330 pounder was jacked beyond jacked. Max was the personification of having muscles in places where others didn’t even have places.


13 Most Muscular Physiques In WCW History, Ranked

WCW had some wrestlers with incredibly muscular physiques on their roster.

Yet, with all those muscles, he did not succeed at all in WCW. Muscle would break away from Page and eventually join the Dungeon of Doom to even less success. But he had the muscles.

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