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NBA Suspends Draymond Green Indefinitely, Fans Calling For Him to Join WWE


  • Draymond Green has been indefinitely suspended from the Golden State Warriors due to his history of unsportsmanlike acts.
  • Fans on social media believe Green’s aggressive style of play would make him a perfect fit for WWE.
  • While it is unclear how long Green’s suspension will last, there is speculation that the NBA wants to send a message and WWE could capitalize on his media attention for a ratings boost.

Draymond Green is set to be absent from the Golden State Warriors for an unspecified duration, as the NBA has imposed an indefinite suspension on him following an incident where he struck an opponent in the face. Citing Draymond’s “repeated history of unsportsmanlike acts.” it was reported that his suspension will take effect immediately, coinciding with the Warriors’ upcoming game against the Clippers on Thursday night. Furthermore, he must fulfill certain league and team conditions before being reinstated.


Enes Kanter Says He’s Already In Talks Over A Post-NBA WWE Career

Enes Kanter’s pretty confident he’s gonna be a wrestler when he leaves basketball.

Immediately upon the news of his suspension, calls by fans on social media wanted WWE to reach out. Many believe the way he plays basketball, he’d make for a perfect heel in the wrestling industry.

Interestingly, WWE Fox tweeted a photo of Green holding a WWE Championship belt. It certainly wasn’t a coincidence.

During Tuesday’s game against the Phoenix Suns, Draymond was ejected after blasting Jusuf Nurkic, delivering a forceful right-hand blow to the head during a skirmish in the third quarter. Green received a flagrant foul 2 and was ejected from the game.

This marks the second suspension for Draymond in the current NBA season, as he was previously handed a 5-game ban just last month for placing Minnesota Timberwolves star center Rudy Gobert in a chokehold.

The belief is Green might be out for the season as the NBA wants to send a message. That would make him available for other things and WWE isn’t afraid to bring people in as crossover stars, taking advantage of the publicity that comes with the media and Internet following that surrounds some of the sports and Hollywood’s most controversial names. The Miz has said he’d like to see Draymond in WWE in July when asked who he’d bring in, “Draymond [Green]. He’s stomping people,” Miz told Sports Gambling Podcast.

So too, wrestling has a history with NBA stars, as Shaq has shown up in WWE and AEW, Dennis Rodman was part of the NWO, and Karl Malone wrestled a match.

Would WWE Ever Consider This?

Don’t be surprised if WWE places a phone call to Green’s people. But, fans should be surprised if they have any interest in the NBA star getting physical or wrestling in a match. Putting him on television would be enough to capitalize on the media attention. And, that’s all WWE is probably looking for, which is a ratings bump.

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