Sunday, April 14

New WWE Show Speed Will Have Its Own Championship

WWE Speed is coming exclusively to X, and with it a new championship!

As if wrestling fans didn’t have enough content to choose from every week, WWE is looking to add to its programming with their brand-new show, WWE Speed, which will be broadcast exclusively on X (FKA Twitter). Debuting on April 3, the show will launch with a tournament to crown the first ever winner of the WWE Speed Championship.

3-Minute Matches Will Decide The New WWE Speed Champion

Corey Graves gave fans a little more information about WWE Speed on the company’s official X account. This fast-paced show will feature WWE Superstars competing in 3-minute, time-limit matches. The goal is to offer a quick and explosive performance in the ring that mirrors those final exciting moments of a match.


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The competitors will be fighting for a prize: the WWE Speed Championship. The title will be on the line in a special tournament to crown the first champion. The rules and competitors have yet to be revealed.

Some fans may criticize the addition of yet another championship, but without more information and an actual title design revelation, it’s best to remain optimistic until proven otherwise. Time will tell if this new show and championship will add any value to the WWE brand, especially since it’s exclusive to X.

Who Will Be The First Champion?

With the announcement of a new championship comes speculation about whom the inaugural champion will be. Premiering only days before WrestleMania 40, WWE Speed is likely to showcase wrestlers who don’t have any WrestleMania programs, at least to start off.


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Names like Ricochet, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Cedric Alexander could show off their fast and furious style of wrestling that this kind of show is promising.

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