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Nia Jax Returns To WWE, Attacks Ripley and Rodriguez


  • Nia Jax’s unexpected return to WWE shocked the wrestling world, as speculation about her comeback had not been discussed recently on social media.
  • Jax made a statement by attacking Raquel Rodriguez and then targeting Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley, sending a clear message that she is back to dominate and pursue the championship.
  • Jax’s return brings a mixed reaction from fans, but based on the passionate crowd response, WWE strategically introduces a formidable heel opponent for Ripley, setting the stage for an exciting storyline in the women’s division.

Nia Jax’s surprising return to WWE sent shockwaves through the wrestling world on Monday night, and it was her impactful assault on Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley that closed out a thrilling episode of Monday Night Raw. Speculation regarding Jax’s comeback had been rampant on social media, but not recently, so the return was a real surprise for most fans. She made a statement by attacking Raquel Rodriguez first, then going after the champion.

The main event of the evening featured a gripping showdown between Ripley and Rodriguez, showcasing two of the top talents in WWE’s women’s division. However, the climax of the match took an unexpected turn when Nia Jax made a sudden appearance, attacking the challenger. Ripley capitalized on the distraction, securing the win with her signature Riptide move. However, Jax’s intentions became evident when she unleashed a brutal corner bomb on the champion after the match, sending a clear message that she was not only back to dominate but also to target the championship.

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Jax’s return will certainly bring a mixed bag of reactions from the WWE Universe. While some fans welcome her back as a solidified star who elicits genuine crowd responses, others remember her past wrestling style, which occasionally resulted in injuries to fellow wrestlers like Kairi Sane and Becky Lynch. Nonetheless, based on the passionate crowd reaction during her return, it seems like a strategic move by WWE to introduce a formidable heel opponent for the immensely popular and dominating Ripley.

The stage is now set for what promises to be a compelling storyline in the women’s division. Nia Jax’s return injects fresh energy and intrigue into WWE’s ongoing narrative, and fans eagerly await the clash between her and Ripley. As the women’s division continues to evolve and produce compelling rivalries, this unexpected development adds an exciting layer to WWE’s storytelling landscape.

The Hints Of Jax’s Return Were There In August

Fueled by subtle comments she made about Ripley, there were reports that Jax was going on a major fitness routine and trying to shed some extra pounds to get in better shape. It was then reported that she was actively training with WWE Hall of Famer and former tag team star, D-Von Dudley. These training sessions are taking place at Dudley’s wrestling school in Orlando, Florida, where Jax was diligently honing her skills, apparently in preparation for this return.

We’ll see if that training has paid off.

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