Wednesday, November 29

Nick Jonas Falls Offstage During Concert, Video Goes Viral

Singer Nick Jonas had a small accident on Tuesday during his performance at the Jonas Brothers concert. A video is now making rounds on the internet in which the singer fell offstage while performing during the concert. Watch video-

Nick Jonas Falls Offstage During Concert

While performing in the concert, singer Nick Jonas was seen singing as he made his towards the end of the stage closer to his fans, while stepping back the singer accidentally fell offstage. However, the singer quickly bounced back on stage and continued his performance.

Sharing the video on Twitter, a user wrote, “OMG, the guard was so stressed trying to stop him but why opened the hole with him there, literally he walked and was closed how he would know they opened”.

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Reacting to the video, a user commented, “I’m pretty sure Nick was just off choreo at that moment and was actually supposed to be in the center of the stage where everyone else was so I’m not sure they realized he was there when they opened it”.

Another user wrote, “someone on instagram commented that they were taking out stools that’s why it was open what happens is that since nick never turned around he didn’t know it was open luckily it wasn’t more serious”.

Meanwhile, Nick Jonas’s wife Priyanka Chopra also attended their first concert during the weekend. Taking to her Instagram the actress shared a picture with her husband Nick Jonas and wrote, “You are a magnet @nickjonas MM and I are so lucky to have you Congratulations on the start of an incredible tour. You’re all in for a huge ride! Let’s gooooo! Great job JB team the Band, the crew. The show was seamless and awe inspiring. Round 2 tonight!”

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