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No Payment To Squid Game Winner? Know About Winner Mai Whelan Claims & Plans

All of you must be aware of the famous South Korean Netflix game series, Squid game, and now there is a reality show based on this game series.  The players in this game are in financial debt and put their lives at risk to win the highest price of a reality game show. The first season of this game came to an end with the win of 55-year-old Vietnam-born Mai Whelan. She won a cash prize of USD 4.56 million, which is equal to 38 crore 4 lakh 42 thousand. But now there is a twist to this triumph. Mai Whelan still hasn’t received the winning cash prize.

Whelan marked her win by overcoming 455 other participants in the game. But now the immigration adjudicator, Whelan, has expressed her disappointment about not receiving the money yet. She explained her situation, saying, “I feel like Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire. Show me the money”. It was determined that it would take place right after the streaming of its first season finale, but nothing has happened yet. 

In this situation now, the organizers have come up with the announcement of Squid game season 2, but still the focus is on delayed payment of Mai Whelan, which may create problems with its second season. 

While the payment is still not in the account of  Mai Whelan, there is a large amount from her cash prize which may get cut as an important part of US taxation because Whelan is an American citizen. So the cost may be reduced to 2.8 million dollars.  On the other hand, Whelan has made big plans for her cash prize. She has decided to put her money into charity. She said that, “I have charitable causes I wanna contribute more to” including “sponsoring kids receiving education and helping the elderly with their basic needs and health care. And also the wildlife and the climate.”

But delaying the payment is the most crucial part of this Netflix series which affects the season ahead.

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