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Object hit Harry Styles’s eye during a concert, fans say: “Stop this fad”

The fashion for throwing things at artists seems never ending. Recently, Harry Styles fell prey to the dangerous trend during his concert. The Golden Singer was recently performing in Vienna when an unknown object struck near his eye. Video of the incident was captured by a fan and shared on Twitter.

On Saturday, during Harry’s performance at the Ernst Happel Stadion in Vienna, Austria, an unidentified object struck him in the eye. A fan who was present at the concert captured the moment and it quickly went viral on the internet. Harry was seen wincing as he leaned over, covered his eyes with his hands, and then walked offstage.

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As soon as the video was posted online, fans reacted angrily to the scene and the current trend and expressed their concern for Harry in the comments section. One fan said, “This happens so often that eventually they will ban you from bringing anything inside or ban concerts in general.” The second wrote: “This has to stop. It sucks to do and why would singers want to perform if this keeps happening?

The third wrote: “Okay this is getting out of hand here PLEASE STOP DOING THIS. At this point, we’ll be very close to being banned from being anything at a concert except ourselves. No signs, no bags, probably no meet and greet ever again if it gets to that point!

One more wrote: “I’ll never understand what makes a person literally throw something at a celebrity who acts like that to get them to notice you? Like yeah, they’ll notice you, but they’ll be angry and hurt that you threw something at them.”

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