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Oliver Stone Chastises Ryan Gosling For Wasting His Time, Says He Is Running Behind Blockbusters

Oliver Stone, one of the acclaimed film directors of Hollywood, finally put his words publically about 2023’S blockbuster “Barbie” directed by Greta Gerwig. Barbie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling gained immense love from the audience. The movie breaks the stereotype of the Barbie world and sheds light on feminism. But Oliver Stone, known to be a great critic in Hollywood, talked about this movie and Ryan Gosling’s character in quite an adverse way.  

In an interview with City AM, this “Wall Street” filmmaker shared his intellectual perspective on today’s filmmaking process. While talking about this particular topic, he cited many examples, and he pointed out Ryan and Barbie. He mentioned that there was a time when Ryan Gosling used to work on independent projects by auteur filmmakers, but now this actor has moved towards more blockbuster films. Olive Stone further said, “Ryan Gosling is wasting his time if he’s doing that shit for money. He should be doing more serious films. He shouldn’t be a part of this infantilization of Hollywood. Now it’s all fantasy, fantasy, fantasy, including all the war pictures: fantasy, fantasy.”

Ryan Gosling played Ken in Barbie and his character has a good humour touch. Well, this character was loved by many, but it differentiates Ryan from his earlier work, like “First Man”, “Blue Valentine”, “The Gray Man”, “Gangster Squad” and many others. 

He also talked about films like “John Wick”, “Fast and Furious” etc., saying nowadays such films have repeated content, and they give vibes of Marvel movies. He said that he slept multiple times while watching John Wick. 

Yet, Ryan has not said a word about his critical comment about Ken’s character and it seems like even Greta Gerwig has chosen to be silent. 

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