Thursday, November 30

Pat McAfee criticizes Kendall Jenner “The starting five would win the NBA championship”

Kendall Jenner is always in the headlines for her history of dating basketball players. His romantic saga has been the subject of netizen jokes for quite some time, and the 2023 ESPY Awards are once again lashing out at the reality star.

The annual Sports Performance Excellence Awards took place on July 12, 2023 and was a star-studded event. During the ceremony’s opening, Jenner’s dating history was the subject of another joke when sports analyst Pat McAee mentioned her as a “starting five.” The 818 Tequila founder has often been mocked for her interest in NBA players, referring to the fact that her relationships have generally all been with basketball players.

McAfee made the joke that if Jenner’s ex-boyfriend made a basketball team, they would definitely win all the basketball championships. “Kendall Jenner’s starting five would win the NBA championship every year. If they’re in the bubble, they’re smoking your ass, dude.”

Meanwhile, Jenner has repeated that she hasn’t dated as many basketball players as people seem to associate her with. Flashing back to 2019, she tweeted a meme with photos of the players, writing: “2 out of 5 exact, thanks.”

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