Thursday, February 22

Pat McAfee Joins Raw as Full-Time Announcer

Pat McAfee is back in WWE full-time, announced on Monday as Raw’s newest weekly announcer. He’ll work alongside Michael Cole.


  • Pat McAfee is back in WWE as Raw’s newest full-time announcer, co-hosting three hours of action every week with Michael Cole.
  • McAfee previously worked with Cole on SmackDown and left WWE for a deal with ESPN, but his contract negotiations didn’t go well.
  • McAfee believed WWE fans would welcome him back, and WWE took the opportunity to put him on their flagship show, Raw. Wade Barrett is expected to join Corey Graves on SmackDown.

Pat McAfee is back in WWE. Announced as Raw’s newest full-time announcer, McAfee will work every week alongside Michael Cole to co-host three hours of action for the red brand. The former NFL kicker and sometimes-WWE wrestler, McAfee kicked off the first Raw following Saturday’s Royal Rumble, the same show in which he was also a guest announcer.

Coming back week-to-week is nothing new for McAfee. He previously worked with Cole on Fridays co-announcing SmackDown. But, a deal with ESPN and host College GameDay was too good an opportunity to pass up last year when he left. The door remained open with WWE and they sent him off with their blessing. That said, in October, McAfee was reportedly in the midst of contract negotiations with ESPN’s College GameDay that weren’t going all that well. His work with the product wasn’t beloved by some GameDay fans who, as part of a survey, expressed a desire not to have him back.

At that time, McAfee recognized that his style might not resonate with everyone, and hinted that he might elect to return to WWE versus renew his deal if fans didn’t want him on the show.


Pat McAfee Says He Didn’t Know About His Royal Rumble Spot

Pat McAfee said during a WWE exclusive interview that he wasn’t given a heads-up about his involvement in the Royal Rumble match.

Likely not concerned, McAfee has his own daily YouTube Show that has millions of views each week and McAfee believed that WWE fans would warmly welcome him back, citing his positive relationship with Michael Cole as a contributing factor to his interest in such a comeback. WWE was waiting for the opportunity and they’ve put him on their flagship show. This news also comes right after an announcement that Raw would be moving to Netflix in 2025 in a 10-year, $5 billion deal.

What Happens With Wade Barrett?

Fans immediately took to social media to ask what was happening with Wade Barrett, who was the previous co-announce on Raw. While it wasn’t officially announced, the expectation is that Barrett will join Corey Graves on SmackDown every Friday. Barrett is too good to just get rid of him and it was recently announced that WWE had released former announcer Kevin Patrick. There is an opening on Fridays and WWE shuffling the announcer’s deck was the easy decision.

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