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Pop Star Pixie Lott Welcomes New Arrival: A Glimpse Into Her Motherhood Journey

Pop Star Pixie Lott Welcomes New Arrival

Pixie Lott who announced in June that she and husband Oliver Cheshire were expecting their first child together – was spotted out and about with a baby over the weekend, according to MailOnline. Pixie was already 31 weeks pregnant when she announced her and 35-year-old model Oliver’s happy news.

She shared a picture of the ultrasound on Instagram and wrote: “We are beyond excited to announce we are expecting our first child together and cannot wait to start a family of our own.”

Pixie also told Vogue: “Oliver and I are both big family people, so we’ve always wanted to have our own. Once we’d had the wedding, it just made sense. I was approaching the 28-week mark by the time we celebrated our first anniversary on 6 June, and we just feel very lucky that it’s all working out. We’re not planning on having a gender reveal party, although we do know what we’re having. We were so excited to find out, it’s nice to keep that information just for us. Feeling the little kicks with Oli has been magical and I am hooked on getting the little outfits – we are so excited.”

Pixie also revealed she has no plans to give up her career for motherhood and hopes to be able to balance singing with raising her child.

She said: “I am releasing new music soon, and I have been thinking about balancing this new life with my career, which has been a priority for so long. I know I’m very lucky with family and particularly my mum and dad, they’ll be very hands-on. Ideally I’d love to bring the little bubba with me everywhere I go, and keep working and keep having adventures. When I see someone like Rihanna continuing to perform while pregnant, I find it really inspiring. There are some amazing women out there doing it – it’s definitely possible. Of course, I haven’t entered the newborn stage – they call it the fourth trimester – when you don’t get much sleep. I’m very aware I might feel differently then.”

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