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‘Power Slap Ronda Rousey’ Gets Brutally Knocked Out After Taylor Swift Comparison


  • Sheena Bathory emerged victorious in Power Slap 6 despite suffering a knockout and being disqualified due to an illegal hit.
  • Bathory’s resilience solidified her status as a formidable competitor in the power-slapping arena.
  • Bathory’s previous viral moments in Power Slap have garnered massive reach, with one video surpassing Taylor Swift’s most popular social media post in terms of views.

At Power Slap 6, Sheena Bathory, often likened to Ronda Rousey and Taylor Swift, suffered a knockout but emerged victorious over Jackie Cataline due to disqualification from an illegal hit. Despite the intense match sparking heated debates among fans, Bathory’s resilience solidified her status as a formidable competitor in the power-slapping arena.

Despite appearing defeated, Bathory, known offstage as Franciska Szabó, had her hand raised in an unexpected win. Cataline’s palm strike, deemed clubbing and therefore illegal, led to her apparent triumph turning into a disqualification loss.

This isn’t Bathory’s first viral moment in Power Slap. In December, a clip of her blowing a kiss to an opponent after taking a slap garnered 136 million views, prompting celebration from promoter White on Instagram. Power Slap employee AJ Curry highlighted the video’s success, comparing its view count to Taylor Swift’s most popular social media post, emphasizing its massive reach.


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Watch Sheena Bathory Get Knocked Out With An Illegal Strike

The Power Slap Viral Star Managed To Seal The Victory

Video circulating on social media captured Bathory, often likened to UFC icon Ronda Rousey, being rendered unconscious by Cataline’s slap.

Bathory had a smile on her face before the strike sent her to the ground.

“Powerslap’s Ronda Rousey just got slept,” MMA journalist Alex Behunin tweeted initially, before delivering a startling update shortly after.

He followed up with a tweet revealing the result was overtured.

Despite the apparent defeat, Bathory, known as Franciska Szabó offstage, was ultimately declared the winner, walking away with a surprising victory.

Cataline’s knockout blow with a palm strike was deemed illegal, and categorized as clubbing, resulting in her celebrated win being reversed to a disqualification defeat.

Power Slap Brings Out Celebrities Such As Tom Brady

Travis Scott Was Also In Attendance

Power Slap 6, held on Friday night in Sin City, boasted a lineup of global luminaries, with notable figures such as Tom Brady and Travis Scott in attendance. Joining the ranks were Charles Barkley, Pat McAfee, Johnny Manziel, Taylor Lewan, Bert Kreischer, IShowSpeed, billionaire Michael Rubin, and a host of other prominent personalities, all gathering for the event.

Power Slap marks Endeavor’s venture into slap fighting, spearheaded by UFC CEO Dana White’s initiative since its inception in 2022. Power Slap 6 marked the first event held outside the UFC Apex Facility. The upcoming Power Slap 7: Wolverine vs. Turpin 2 is slated for April 12.

Slap fighting has faced criticism for its heightened risk of brain injury and the inability to defend oneself, distinguishing it from boxing and MMA, where defense is integral to strategy.

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