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Predicting The Main Event Of Every WWE PLE In 2024

WWE‘s Premium Live Event output has been great over the past couple of years, which has helped the company reach its most acclaimed period in over two decades. With the Royal Rumble not far away, fans are eagerly anticipating what the promotion will be able to produce going into WrestleMania season.


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Even beyond the next few months, WWE has already stacked this year with exciting PLE’s, including Backlash in France and Bash in Berlin over the summer. With a globetrotting year ahead, it will be interesting to see what will be the main event matches of these marquee shows.

11 Royal Rumble: The Men’s Royal Rumble Match Will Be The Main Event

A Controversial Royal Rumble Winner Will Close The Show

  • Roman Reigns Will Also Be Defending His Title Against LA Knight, Randy Orton, And AJ Styles At The Show
  • Cody Rhodes, CM Punk, Drew McIntyre, And Bobby Lashley Have All Declared Themselves For the Rumble

Last Year, the Royal Rumble ended with one of the best angles in recent memory as Sami Zayn defied The Bloodline in dramatic fashion following Roman Reigns’ title defense against Kevin Owens. Reigns will again be defending his belt at the show in a fatal four-way match, but it should not be in the main event.

The men’s Rumble is the most likely candidate to end the show, with many fans hoping for a repeat from Cody Rhodes, so he can “finish the story.” However, it will be CM Punk who comes out on top, setting up a main event match against Seth Rollins at WrestleMania, whilst Cody searches for another way to get his shot at Roman.

10 Elimination Chamber: Cody Will Prevail Inside The Chamber

Rhodes Will Secure His WrestleMania Match In Australia

  • This Year’s Elimination Chamber Event Will Be Held In Perth, Australia
  • Aussie Superstars Such As Rhea Ripley, Grayson Waller, And Bronson Reed Will Hope To Be On The Show

In February, WWE will be hosting its last PLE before WrestleMania as it goes down under for the Elimination Chamber in Perth, Australia. Fans can expect Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley to be on the show in a big match, whilst CM Punk has already been slated for the event.

Fans will also be waiting to see if Roman Reigns will actually defend his title at the show, potentially against The Rock, if there is substance to the words shared by the ‘People’s Champion’ on Raw Day 1. The main event will likely feature the titular match as Cody Rhodes books his WrestleMania shot against the ‘Tribal Chief’ inside the Elimination Chamber, which could include a combination of The Bloodline and Reigns’ former opponents.

9 WrestleMania 40 Night 1: Seth Rollins Vs. CM Punk

CM Punk Will Finally Get His WrestleMania Main Event

  • Seth Rollins Is The Inaugural World Heavyweight Champion, Holding The Title Since May 2023
  • CM Punk Returned To WWE Following The Main Event Of Survivor Series 2023

It has seemed like WWE has been planning for a big time CM Punk versus Seth Rollins feud ever since the former returned to WWE last year, with the two even exchanging words on Raw. With Punk being one of the favorites to win the Royal Rumble, the match would present itself as an optimal main event match for night one of WrestleMania 40.

RELATED: The Rock Vs. CM Punk: A Complete Guide To This WWE FeudPunk could tease going for Reigns, allowing for some interplay with his former manager Paul Heyman, but the match against Seth would be the right move. Even if he does not win the Rumble, it would still be the best match for WWE to go with at this point.

8 WrestleMania 40 Night 2: Cody Will “Finish The Story”

Rhodes Will Finally Become WWE Champion On Night 2 When He Beats Roman Reigns

  • Reigns Defeated Cody Rhodes In The Main Event Of WrestleMania 39
  • WrestleMania 40 Emanates From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

There will be a great degree of trepidation heading in to WrestleMania 40 as fans’ desire to see Cody Rhodes “finish the story’ only becomes stronger. The Rock’s name is swirling around the WWE sphere once again, which is throwing the presumed Reigns versus Rhodes encounter up in the air.

WWE simply can’t let anyone but Cody defeat Roman at WrestleMania, otherwise they will unfortunately face too much backlash. They certainly can’t let Reigns retain the belt or there will be a huge reassessment needed of Triple H’s booking over the past 18 months.

7 Backlash: Damian Priest Cashes In

The Judgment Day Member Will Become World Heavyweight Champion

  • Backlash Is Being Held In Lyon, France In May Following WrestleMania 40
  • Damian Priest Has Held The Money In The Bank Contract Since July 2023

Traditionally, Backlash has featured a host of rematches from WrestleMania as well as some new feuds being settled coming out of the ‘Show of Shows.’ This year WWE may well do the same by having Seth Rollins and CM Punk face off against each other once more, but neither should end the night as World Heavyweight Champion.

Damian Priest should finally cash in on his guaranteed title opportunity after 11 months to beat Punk or Rollins to become World Champion. He could do so with the help of Judgment Day, but at some point, Priest will have to break away from the group and be his own man.

6 Saudi Arabia Event: Cody Rhodes Vs. Randy Orton

Cody Rhodes Will Cement His Legacy In 2024

  • Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton, And Ted DiBiase Jr. Formed The Legacy, Operating Between 2008-10
  • Rhodes And Orton Reunited Inside War Games At Survivor Series 2023

WWE has now normalized the two Saudi shows that it puts on every year, with the events being important parts of the Premium Live Event calander. Cody Rhodes will presumably defend his WWE Championship at these events, with the first one probably happening at some point during the spring.

There are a number of potential challengers who could fill the spot in Saudi, but Randy Orton’s star power and relationship with Rhodes makes it a natural match-up for the gold. Orton may not even have to turn heel if Cody and Randy can treat it as more of a sporting contest, which is not typically what ‘The Viper’ goes for.

5 Money In The Bank: Damian Priest Vs. Finn Balor

The Judgment Day Implodes

  • Damian Priest Initially Formed Judgment Day Alongside Edge In April 2022
  • Finn Balor Later Joined The Judgment Day In June 2022, Replacing Edge In The Group

Judgment Day has long been one of the best acts in WWE, rejuvenating the career of Finn Balor and putting Damian Priest on the cusp of the main event. Presumably, Priest will have cashed in his Money in the Bank contract before this year’s event, which will probably tie in with the end of Judgment Day.

Having Balor challenge Priest at the same PLE that he became ‘SeƱor Money in the Bank’ would be apt, particularly if it was for the World Heavyweight Championship which both men have been chasing for some time. Either man could win too, as a lengthy feud over the summer would be appropriate considering how much fans have enjoyed Judgment Day.

4 SummerSlam: Cody Rhodes Vs. Roman Reigns

The Tribal Chief Will Return At SummerSlam & Cody Will Have To Confront Him Once More

  • Roman Reigns Has Been In The Main Event Of The Past Three SummerSlams
  • Cody Rhodes Defeated Brock Lesnar At Last Year’s Event

Again, Cody Rhodes MUST defeat Roman Reigns in the main event of WrestleMania 40, but that would not likely be the last time they meet. Reigns can definitely go away for a while after dropping the title, but a return at SummerSlam to try and recapture his gold would be a great idea.

Rhodes should definitely win again, as Reigns can spin off into a feud with the rest of his remaining Bloodline or even The Rock. Cody may not be holding the belt for long after SummerSlam though, as there will be a formidable adversary on the horizon…

3 Bash In Berlin: Cody Rhodes Vs. Gunther

Cody Can Drop The Title In Germany To ‘Der Ring General’

  • Bash In Berlin Will Take Place On Saturday, August 31, 2024, At The Mercedes-Benz Area
  • Record Breaking Intercontinental Champion Gunther Began His Career In Germany In The wXw Promotion

At some point in 2024 Gunther will likely drop the Intercontinental Championship, probably at WrestleMania 40 in a huge moment. Whoever dethrones the Austrian will be a made man, but it will also free up Gunther for a shot at a World Championship.

RELATED: Gunther’s Definitive 10 Best WWE Matches, RankedIf Cody is to lose his well-earned WWE Championship, it should be to ‘Der Ring General’ in Germany, as it is too perfect of an opportunity to pass up. The match would be amazing too, if only WWE could resist the temptation to have Gunther perform a Brodie Lee-esque squash on Rhodes to capture the title.

2 Saudi Arabia Event # 2: CM Punk Vs. Steve Austin

Saudi Arabia Will Need A Big Match For Its Second Yearly Show

  • ‘Stone Cold’ And CM Punk First Teased A Match During A Press Tour For The WWE 13 Video Game
  • CM Punk Was WWE Champion At The Time Whilst Austin Had Been Retired For A Decade

The intergenerational dream match between ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and CM Punk is still as tantalizing in the year 2024 as it has ever been. Now that Punk is back in WWE and Austin has had a match within the past couple of years, the prospect is not as insane as it may have seemed before.

Of course, the money that these Saudi shows offer makes the match even more feasible, though Austin has never been tempted by it before. The prospect of getting to work with Punk alongside the financial bonus may work to make the dream match happen.

1 Survivor Series: Gunther Vs. Brock Lesnar

WWE Should End 2024 With A Massive Dream Match For The WWE Title

  • Brock’s Last Match Was Against Cody Rhodes At SummerSlam 2023
  • Gunther Faced Off Against Brock Lesnar In The 2023 Royal Rumble Match

Many will be hoping for a Gunther Intercontinental Championship defense against ‘The Beast Incarnate’ at WrestleMania 40, but this shouldn’t happen. Gunther should drop the title to somebody who needs the boon on ‘The Grandest Stage Of All,’ but a match with Brock could still happen this year.

Survivor Series would be a perfect destination for the dream match to occur, preferably with Gunther holding the WWE Championship. Brock can put over ‘Der Ring General’ in what will surely be one of the best matches of the year.

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