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Predicting WWE Heel Turns In 2024

In 2023, WWE fans were treated to a fresh wave of logical storytelling. With Triple H at the helm of creative, weekly content made plenty of sense in terms of character motivations, individual and group conflicts, and babyface/heel alignment.


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2024 promises more of the same, and as such, it will be interesting to see which heroic characters will embrace the dark side. Based on how their 2023 played out, there are several WWE superstars who could use a heel turn to freshen up their act and enrich their character arc.

A Villainous Turn Can Prevent LA Knight From Treading Water As A Babyface

The Megastar Is So Good That He Can Pull Off Any Role With Ease

  • LA Knight Had A Great Run As A Babyface In 2023
  • Before The Year Ended, Though, He Got Knocked Down A Few Pegs
  • Now, With Cody Rhodes And CM Punk Filling The Top Babyface Spots, Knight Is In A Precarious Position

LA Knight had such an interesting 2023, in that he rose to immense popularity at breakneck speed and got knocked down a few pegs before the year ended. With the imminent crowning of Cody Rhodes and the return of CM Punk, LA Knight’s status as a top babyface was significantly compromised.

Fortunately for Knight, his charisma can shine through whether he’s a good guy or a bad guy. Perhaps a heel turn is in order for the Megastar so that he can enter fresh feuds with babyfaces and maintain his prominent position on the card.

Bianca Belair Might Become The Badd-EST If She Incurs Her First WrestleMania Singles Loss

Belair Is Currently 3-0 In Singles Competition At The Showcase Of The Immortals

  • Bianca Belair Has Been A Goody Two-Shoes For Quite Some Time
  • A Loss To Jade Cargill On The Grandest Stage Of Them All Could Push Belair Over The Edge
  • The EST Can Thus Become One Of The Baddest Women In WWE

Since her historic main event match at WrestleMania 37, Bianca Belair has mostly played the John Cena-like role of a goody two-shoes athlete who absolutely loved to smile. The EST, however, might find herself overshadowed by the emergence of the impressive physical specimen that is Jade Cargill.

These two superstars appear to be on a collision course at WrestleMania, and chances are, Cargill will come out on top in that matchup. Eating her first singles loss on the Grandest Stage of Them All can break Belair and cause her to tap into her nefarious side.

Tommaso Ciampa Should Play To His Strengths In 2024

Once Upon A Time, Ciampa Was One Of The Top Heels In All Of WWE

  • One Of The Best Heels Ever Produced By NXT Was Tomasso Ciampa
  • The Reactions He Garnered From 2017 To 2018 Were Absolutely Nuclear
  • Ciampa Can Bring Out His Best Version Once Again On The Main Roster

There’s no other way to put it: Tommaso Ciampa is at his best when he’s a deranged heel. From 2017 to 2018, few superstars on any WWE brand were better at drawing nuclear heat than the Sicilian Psychopath. Though he’s quite a good promo as a babyface on Raw, Ciampa might be chomping at the bit to showcase the full array of his character.

Conveniently, the seeds have been planted for Ciampa to retrace his villainous steps. A brutal beatdown of his current tag team partner Johnny Gargano can set things in motion for the terrifying side of Tommaso.


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Here’s A Winning Formula: Andrade and Zelina Vega As A Villainous Tandem

They Both Play The Part Of Antagonist Pretty Effectively

  • When Andrade First Signed In NXT, He Played The Role Of Babyface
  • That Didn’t Work Well, And When He Turned Heel Through His Alignment With Zelina Vega, He Hit Pay Dirt
  • If Andrade And Zelina Reunite On The Main Roster, They Can Bring Out The Best (Or Worst) In Each Other

There’s a good chance that Andrade, who signed with the Raw brand shortly after his 2024 Royal Rumble brand, will be packaged as a babyface when he wrestles his first singles WWE bout in 2024. However, once the hype surrounding Andrade’s return has fully dissipated, fans might grow weary of his character.

This would be poetic, as Andrade overstayed his welcome as a babyface during his NXT days. The trajectory of his career in the black and gold brand shot upward when he teamed up with the crafty Zelina Vega. As it turns out, Vega hasn’t been doing much with the Latino World Order recently; a reunion via the WWE Draft could bode well for her and her former protégé, who are both natural villains.

The Next Time Sheamus Delivers A Brogue Kick, It Should Be As A Big Bad

That Fella Is A Nice Babyface But An Even Better Villain

  • Sheamus Has A Long History Of Deplorable Acts
  • For Nearly 15 Years, He Has Dished Out Beatings On The Main Roster
  • When Sheamus Makes His Eventual Comeback In 2024, He Could Make A Bang With His Heel Persona

Don’t look now, but Sheamus will be celebrating his 15th year as a WWE Superstar in 2024. Throughout his WWE career, he’s been a fun-loving babyface and a ruthless heel. Between these two roles, the Celtic Warrior has definitely looked better as a villain, whether he was putting Mark Cuban through a table or taking Triple H to the limit.

As such, when Sheamus makes his comeback from injury, his heel antics would be a refreshing sight. Few superstars in history are more physical than Dublin’s favorite son, and Sheamus is probably raring to reintroduce himself to the younger competitors on the roster.

Liv Morgan Could Be A Scary Heel

Her Resilient Babyface Act Can Only Take Her So Far

  • At Some Point, Liv Morgan’s Babyface Character Will Run Out Of Steam
  • She Has The Potential To Be A Dangerous Heel
  • After All, She Has The Acting CHops To Pull It Off

For the better part of her main roster stint, Liv Morgan has portrayed a plucky babyface that thrives in overcoming adversity. However, her character growth will hit a ceiling sooner or later if she remains in this role for too long.

Morgan could freshen up her in-ring persona if she takes a villainous turn in 2024. Having dabbled in film and TV acting, Morgan can craft a compelling heel character who torments her opponents both physically and psychologically.


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Pete Dunne Can Unleash His Most Vicious Bruiserweight As A Heel

Twisting And Pulling Opponents’ Fingers Is Such A Villainous Move

  • Pete Dunne Has A Mean Streak That No Superstar Can Match
  • In 2024, It’s Time For Him To Maim His Opponents With The Absolute Worst Intent
  • His First Dance Partner Can Be His Current Tag Team Partner Tyler Bate

One of the best character shifts in recent memory is Pete Dunne’s shedding of the Butch gimmick and subsequent return to his original NXT name. An integral part of this simple storyline was his longtime rival and friend Tyler Bate, with whom he formed the New Catch Republic.

While it’s nice to see Dunne get his mojo (and his name) back, his unique wrestling style can only reach its peak if he embraces the dark side. The Bruiserweight, after all, is meant to manipulate joints and force brutal submission victories. Having banger matches with Bate—who would fit the betrayed babyface role to a tee—would be great for heel Dunne.

Bronson Reed Can Get Really, Really Big As A Villain

As A Force Of Utter Destruction, He Would Certainly Be Credible

  • Bronson Reed’s Potential Remains Vastly Untapped To This Day
  • A Heel Turn Can Unleash A Terrifying Monster That Could Wreak Havoc On Opponents Of All Sizes
  • Reed Has What It Takes To Be A Juggernaut Of A Heel, Much Like Mark Henry When He Was Running The Hall Of Pain

Without a doubt, Bronson Reed has all the physical tools to thrive in the WWE. However, in both his NXT stint and his current run on Monday Night Raw, there appears to be something missing in Reed’s persona. The big Aussie is one character beat away from forging a strong connection with the fans.

That character beat could be a heel turn, as Reed would make a believable monster heel reminiscent of Mark Henry circa 2011. It shouldn’t be too difficult for Reed to turn up the aggressiveness a notch; this would transform him into an unstoppable behemoth who can bulldoze his way to championship contention.

Sami Zayn Might Blow Up Into A Villain After Getting Fed Up With Losing

This Is The Underdog From The Underground, With A Twist

  • Sami Zayn Has Proven That He Can Pull Off Storylines That Take Months To Pay Off
  • In 2024, His Losses Have Been More Resounding Than His Wins
  • This Year, Zayn Might Finally Lose It And Turn To The Dark Side

In 2022 and 2023, Sami Zayn helped execute a classic slow-burn story arc with the Bloodline. As both an ally and foe of Roman Reigns, Zayn was a fascinating character to follow on a weekly basis.

Thus, it’s not hard to imagine Zayn pulling off another deliberately paced storyline in 2024. His frustration with his losing streak can ramp up at WrestleMania when he comes up short in a high-profile encounter (like, say, with the Intercontinental Champion Gunther). Fed up with getting Ls all the time, Zayn can transform into an underhanded tactician who isn’t above using shortcuts to finally snag some wins.

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