Wednesday, November 29

Priyanka Chopra Honestly Names The Jonas Brothers’ Best Band Singer

It is part of human nature to be prejudiced towards our loved ones. So, it’s pretty obvious that Priyanka Chopra would also be biased when it comes to his family. However, Priyanka was put to the test by vanity fair when recently asked who is the best singer in the Jonas Brothers band.

Priyanka Chopra married Nick Jonas in 2018. She received a warm welcome from the Jonas family. The actress shares a great bond with Nick Jonas’s brothers, Kevin Jonas and Joe Jonas, along with her respective wives. Recently, during the promotion of his new series Citadel, Priyanka was asked who she thinks is the best singer among the Jonas brothers. It’s a bit obvious that she would name her husband. However, there is a twist! Priyanka wasn’t asked this question in a normal round of QnA, but she was given a polygraph test, or as we commonly call it, a lie detector test. During the test carried out by vanity Fair, when Priyanka was asked about Nick Jonas’s acting skills and she said he’s a ‘phenomenal actor’, her statement was flagged as a lie. So when asked about the best singer in the band, PeeCee knew there was no chance he could lie and get away with it.

Despite being put to the test, she named Nick Jonas as the best of all. And luckily, he passed the polygraph test with flying colors. This means that she really thinks that Nick Jonas is a better singer than Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas.

During the audition, Priyanka also stated that she was not a fan of the Jonas Brothers Band until Nick came into her life.

On the work front, Priyanka was last seen in a Hollywood movie. Love again. Nick Jonas made a cameo in the movie.

Verify: Priyanka Chopra caught lying about Nick Jonas on lie detector test

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