Thursday, November 30

Prosecutor labels Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey a ‘predator’ in sexual assault trial

The person who accused actor Kevin Spacey of sexual assault has referred to him as a “predator” and revealed the profound impact it has had on his life, including feelings of shame, anxiety and depression. The alleged victim, whose identity is protected by UK law, claimed that she endured nearly two decades of sexual assault perpetrated by Spacey.

“I can’t bear to see the man. He makes me feel sick,” the man said in a video of his police interview, which was shown to the jury during the Oscar winner’s sexual assault trial. The emotional toll of recounting the experiences was evident, as the report notes: “It makes me feel a little sick to talk about it.”

Prosecutors have characterized the 63-year-old actor as a “sexual harasser” who frequently resorted to grabbing other men in the crotch as his preferred method of assault. Although Spacey has pleaded not guilty to more than a dozen charges, he could face prison if convicted. In an interview with a German magazine, Spacey expressed his belief that he will be offered a job “the moment he is cleared of these charges.”

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