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R-Truth Reveals Who Pushed Behind the Scenes For Him to Be In Judgment Day

R-Truth was asked how his first becoming a part of Judgment Day in WWE came about and he revealed a member of the faction pushed for it.


  • R-Truth credits Damian Priest for advocating for him to be a part of Judgment Day, showcasing their strong chemistry.
  • Fans are enjoying the humorous banter between the members of Judgment Day, making the group almost likeable babyfaces.
  • There is potential for exciting storylines and matches involving R-Truth, including conflicts with JD McDonagh, Dominik, Priest, and Finn Balor. Whether he reaches the same level of success as Sami Zayn is uncertain.

Now one of the more entertaining parts of WWE Monday Night Raw each week, it appears the company has found magic with R-Truth and Judgment Day. An odd pairing made even more hilarious because no one seems to even know if Truth is in the group or not, R-Truth was a guest on Busted Open Radio this week and revealed who fought for him to be in Judgment Day.

Saying he did a promo with the group and then Damian Priest thought it would be a good idea to keep him around, Truth said Priest went to Triple H and kind of fought for the pairing to stick together. Clearly, WWE bought into the idea that there was something there because they’ve gone all in on the combination of Truth and the other members. In fact, the link is working so well, Judgement Day is almost become a babyface group because fans are enjoying the witty back-and-forth between all of the memebers.


10 Things WWE Fans Should Know About R-Truth

R-Truth has been in the wrestling business for over 25 years and has racked up numerous accolades for himself across various promotions.

Many fans have compared this to Sami Zayn’s brief run with The Bloodline.

You can see in the video below where Truth explains how it all came together:

Truth making Bully Ray and Henry crack up on air might be one of the best parts of the interview, and it’s obvious why fans are so in love with the segments each week. Truth is extremely likeable and he’s legitimately one of the funniest people in the business.

Credit should go to Priest for demonstrating the ability to recognize the chemistry so early on. His strategic thinking too see that the Judgment Day storyline might become stagnant post-WarGames allowed him to take the idea of opening the door to something totally different. He had the confidence to push it with Triple H and the creative team and it worked. He wisely introduced a touch of comic relief, striking a balance without veering into excessive melodrama.

How Long Will This Truth And Judgment Day Marriage Last?

There are so many layers WWE can peel back with this that it will be fascinating to see where it all goes. Truth’s big issue is with JD McDonagh, but battles with Dominik and, potentially even Priest and Finn Balor make sense. Whether Truth reaches the same heights as Zayn did and fans are clamoring for a title match remains to be seen.

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