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R-Truth Says He Almost Lost His Leg Before Return to WWE


  • WWE veteran R-Truth faced possible leg amputation after a tearing his quad and developing a life-threatening bacterial infection.
  • He underwent multiple surgeries, wore a wound VAC, and had a PICC line to combat the infection.
  • Despite the ordeal, R-Truth has made a triumphant return to the ring and is now engaging in entertaining storylines, becoming a fan favorite.

During an interview that had listeners shocked, WWE veteran R-Truth disclosed this week that he faced the very real possibility of a leg amputation before making a triumphant return to the ring in November. The 52-year-old wrestler detailed his ordeal, which began with complications from tearing his quad in late 2022, leading to a life-threatening bacterial infection.

While a guest on the Cheap Heat Podcast, R-Truth told Peter Rosenberg and Dip during the Ringer Wrestling Show that he initially underwent surgery for the torn quad suffered in a match against Grayson Waller on NXT TV. During that process, he discovered the severity of his situation when a routine check revealed a bacterial infection eating away at his knee from the inside out. The situation worsened as MRSA, staph, and other bacteria complicated the healing process.


Describing the grueling journey, R-Truth recounted undergoing multiple surgeries, wearing a wound VAC for six weeks, and having a PICC line to combat the infection. A third surgery became necessary as the infection persisted. The wrestler discussed how bad the situation got, admitting that amputation was considered a viable option if the infection couldn’t be controlled.

“It was a good four months or five months of just trying to kill the infection, slow it down, stop it, and I’m going mentally crazy because there was a chance, he said, the other option was amputation. You know what I’m saying? So to go from doing the 24/7 stuff, running around, doing things with my kids, to NXT, me and Grayson Waller tearing it down and doing things to stopping and then getting told this? It was a big reality check man. It was a pump the brakes moment.”

Fortunately, R-Truth was able to overcome the issues and the resilient WWE performer is now back in the spotlight, engaging in one of the most entertaining storylines in WWE. An on-again-off-again member of Judgment Day, he’s as relevant now as he’s ever been. Already popular, he’s quickly become a fan favorite, blending his sense of humor to the more villainous storyline involving the members of the group.


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R-Truth has been entertaining wrestling fans for decades, but he’s been on the shelf for months after suffering a scary injury in WWE NXT.

You Would Never Know Things Were So Serious For R-Truth

If you watch him now, it would be hard to tell this is the same person who almost lost a leg just months ago. He’s one of the older superstars on the roster, but he’s well known for looking like he never ages. He can still go in the ring, and outside of it, he’s providing wildly-entertaining segments that fans look forward to on Raw every Monday night.

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