Wednesday, February 28

Randy Orton Reveals His WWE Dream Match Before He Retires

If Randy Orton had his way, there’s one opponent he’d really like to face for a title at WrestleMania. The answer might surprise.


  • Orton wants to add more title reigns to his already impressive 14, but it doesn’t keep him up at night because he’s confident it’s in the cards.
  • Orton dreams of facing John Cena at WrestleMania for the title, but the chances of it happening are slim due to Cena’s part-time status and potential retirement.
  • While it would be a dream match for both Orton and the fans, the likelihood of seeing Orton vs Cena for the championship is unlikely at this point.

Randy Orton sat down and spoke with Kyla Braxton on an episode of The Bump and discussed his return, his future, who he finds interesting on the WWE roster and more. As part of one conversation, Orton also revealed how many title chances or runs he’s got left in him and then talked about a dream opponent, in a dream match, on a dream stage.

Saying he’s confident he’ll get more title opportunities, he said, he wanted a match with John Cena.


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Orton said, “You know the 14 title reigns that I’ve had… that means a lot to me. So making it 15, making it 16 like, of course I would love for that to happen. It doesn’t keep me up at night dreaming of that next title shot because I think I know that it’s in the cards.” He added, “I feel healthy enough and I feel like I’ve got plenty of time left in my career to where I’m going to come back around and I’m going to be wearing that title at least one or two more times..

He then got into specifics about who he might wan to wrestle. He noted:

A dream match for me would be to somehow find myself in a situation where I’m fighting at WrestleMania for the title. Now, I don’t know how you get there I’m not saying it’s going to happen but I have never wrestled John at WrestleMania in a singles match. So tha…t and we we had some wars back in the day so like, being able to revisit that after all this time, it’s not only something that I would want, I think the fans would eat it up too.”

Not Sure This Ever A Match Fans Will Get To See

While a very cool idea that would undoubtedly generate interest from WWE fans, the odds are stacked against this match ever happening. Not only is Cena not a full-time wrestler, but he’s about as close to retired as one could get. If he does return, his matches will be high profile, but not neccesarily a big enough draw to warrant his being in a title match with Orton for the championship. That ship has probably sailed.

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