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Rare Kevin Nash Pictures

With accomplishments in both WWE and WCW, Kevin Nash has a huge legacy in his wrestling career. Starting his wrestling journey in 1990, Nash ascended the ladder in WWE, where he ended up being the WWE Champion as Diesel. When he left for WCW, he replicated that success, winning the WCW World Heavyweight Championship five times and creating history as an nWo member.


6 Longest (& 6 Shortest) Title Reigns Of Kevin Nash’s Career

Kevin Nash has won plenty of championships throughout his wrestling career across several promotions, with some reigns lasting longer than others.

Nash is friends with many wrestlers in the industry, and he is down to earth and easy-going guy, contrasting his character on TV. Some of these photos will give an overview of the WWE Hall of Famer’s real-life persona.

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Kevin Nash was one of wrestling’s best known big men and arguably has an even bigger personality. The photographs captured here show his range of experiences and relationships, some from behind the scenes and others capturing specific moments that were more public in nature. Included among them is the very sad circumstance of attending one of his closest friend’s funeral after Scott Hall passed. That’s in addition to a shot of him reuniting with one of his old college basketball teammates who had gone on to success in the NBA while Nash proceeded into a Hall of Fame career in pro wrestling.

Kevin Nash Attended Scott Hall’s Funeral

Kevin Nash Joined Other Wresting Personalities At The Funeral For His Friend

Scott Hall Funeral

  • Kevin Nash and Scott Hall were members of Diamond Dallas Page’s forgotten Diamond Mine faction.
  • Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were famously involved with The Kliq backstage in WWE.
  • Kevin Nash, Diamond Dallas Page, Sean Waltman, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and Scott Hall’s son Cody are pictured here to commemorate Scott’s passing.

It’s no secret that Kevin Nash and Scott Hall were close friends. They were both members of Diamond Dallas Page’s Diamond Mine group in WCW before feuding on-screen in WWE, during which time they became closer friends as part of the polarizing backstage crew known as The Kliq. From there, the two were key figures in launching the New World Order and factored into the group over a period of years in WCW before reprising it in WWE.

It’s little surprise Nash would attend his fallen friend’s funeral. This picture captures Nash with their Kliq running buddies, Shawn Michaels and Sean Waltman, in addition to DDP and Hall’s son Cody.

Kevin Nash Reunites With Dale Ellis

Kevin Nash And Dale Ellis Played Basketball As Tennessee Volunteers Together

Kevin Nash And Dale Ellis

  • Before wrestling, Kevin Nash played basketball at a high level.
  • Kevin Nash was college teammates in Tennessee with eventual NBA star Dale Ellis.
  • Kevin Nash and Dale Ellis reunited at a game in 2014.

Long before Kevin Nash set foot in a professional wrestling ring, he pursued basketball at a high level, which included playing college ball. On the Tennessee Volunteers, Nash overlapped with Dale Ellis, a noteworthy three-point shooter who’d go on to a successful NBA career, highlighted by an All-Star season in 1989.

This picture captures the two former teammates reunited years at a basketball game in 2014. Ellis had retired from the NBA in 2000. While Nash’s best years in the ring were behind him, he would continue to work occasional matches on the indies until 2018 before officially announcing his retirement in 2020.

Kevin Nash Stands Next To Omos

Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, And Omos Posed Together At The WWE Performance Center


  • Omos got his wrestling training at the WWE Performance Center.
  • Kevin Nash played a key role in Omos learning to wrestle.
  • The picture demonstrated Omos’s awesome size, towering over big men Kevin Nash and Scott Hall.

Omos is the most noteworthy giant in WWE now who stands at seven feet and three inches. Being a homegrown talent, Omos was trained at the WWE Performance Center and none other than Kevin Nash trained him.

Nash himself being six feet and ten inches tall knows how to wrestle as a big man. This picture is taken at the Performance Center, where Nash is snapped with Omos and Scott Hall. Omos looks happy to be surrounded by the legends.

Kevin Nash Hangs Out With The Great Khali

As A Legend, Kevin Nash Still Dropped In On WWE Events

Kevin Nash and The Great Khali

  • Kevin Nash appears in this photo with an even taller giant, The Great Khali.
  • Kevin Nash and The Great Khali each won world titles.
  • Kevin Nash and The Great Khali appear relaxed, away from the arena in this picture.

There are a number of pictures floating around of Kevin Nash hanging out with other wrestlers, but it’s an unusual sight to spot him with an even bigger giant.

One of the things fans should know about The Great Khali is that he also socialized with a number of the greats, and this picture captures him with fellow big men, Nash. The two appear outdoors in business casual wear, presumably away from a wrestling arena. The two men are not only giants but also fellow world champions.

Kevin Nash Appears With Steve Austin On The Broken Skull Sessions

Kevin Nash And Steve Austin Were Key Figures In The Monday Night War

Kevin Nash Steve Austin WWE Broken Skull

  • The Monday Night War saw Stone Cold Steve Austin emerge as a top star for WWE, while Kevin Nash starred for WCW.
  • Steve Austin and Kevin Nash worked together in WWE in 2002.
  • Kevin Nash was a special guest interview subject on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions show for the WWE Network.

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kevin Nash were two top rivals during the Monday Night War. While one was the face of WWE, the other one represented WCW. They never had a singles match, but the two men crossed paths in a tag team match on RAW in 2002.

The two former promotional rivals sat down for an episode of Steve Austin’s Broke Skull Sessions last year. This picture is from that episode, as the two legends converse with one another.

Kevin Nash Is Still Jacked

Kevin Nash’s Has Kept His Physique Looking Great After Retirement

Kevin Nash flexing his muscles in the gym

  • While known better for his height, Kevin Nash also had an impressively muscular physique in his heyday as a wrestler.
  • Kevin Nash has worked hard to maintain his physique.
  • Not being on the road and taking bumps anymore may help Kevin Nash stay on track with his workouts more consistently.

In his prime, Kevin Nash was a big guy weighing over 300 pounds. There was a reason Nash was called Big Daddy Cool. Nash is in his sixties and retired, but he is still in incredible shape.


5 Best Tag Team Partners Of Kevin Nash’s Career (& The 5 Worst)

In his over 30-year career, Kevin Nash has had the pleasure of teaming up with some of the most gifted performers of his generation.

Nash had various injuries, notably when he tore his quads. Nash has still managed to remain muscular. In this gym snap, Kevin Nash is flexing his biceps, showing how hard he works at this age.

Kevin Nash Was The Big Time Wrestling Heavyweight Champion

Kevin Nash Continued To Collect Hardware On Smaller Stages After His Mainstream Wrestling Career Wound Down

Kevin Nash Big Time Wrestling Champion

  • Kevin Nash had memorable runs in WWE, WCW, and TNA.
  • Kevin Nash won the top title in an independent promotion called Big Time Wrestling.
  • It turned out that the match in which Kevin Nash won the Bit Time Wrestling Heavyweight Championship was the last bout of his in-ring career.

Kevin Nash wrestled in big promotions like TNA, WCW, and WWE. But he also performed on the independent circuit sporadically. On the indies, Kevin Nash once won the Big Time Wrestling Heavyweight Championship.

He defeated Flex Armstrong to win the belt. Meanwhile, it was also the last wrestling match of his career back in 2018. In this picture, Kevin Nash is holding the Big Time Wrestling Heavyweight Championship after winning it.

Kevin Nash Is NWO For Life

Long After The NWO Faction Was Done In The Ring, The Core Members Still Made Appearances Together

NWO With Fan-1

  • The nWo was one of wrestling’s most iconic factions.
  • The nWo’s charter members, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Hulk Hogan are especially synonymous with the group.
  • Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash made some appearances to meet and greet fans 25 years after they launched the nWo.

One of the biggest achievements of Kevin Nash’s career was becoming a member of the nWo. When Nash joined the Hulk Hogan-led stable, it took the wrestling world by storm, enabling WCW to beat WWE in a ratings war. Needless to say, the nWo was the best creation of the now-defunct company.

Even more than two decades since the creation of the legendary stable, the nWo is still popular among wrestling fans. This Kevin Nash picture with other nWo members, Scott Hall and Hulk Hogan, might take fans on a trip down memory lane. Nash, Hall, and Hogan are wearing the signature nWo t-shirts here.

Kevin Nash Appears With His Wife

Kevin Nash Made A Point Of Keeping His Marriage And Business Separate

Kevin Nash Wife-1

  • Kevin Nash married his wife Tamara in 1998.
  • Kevin Nash and his wife went their separate ways in 2000 but found their way back to each otehr.
  • Kevin Nash and Tamara had a child together.

Kevin Nash got married before he even started his wrestling career. He married his wife Tamara in 1988, two years before he made his debut in the ring. When Nash was at the peak of his career, he was married, but they parted ways in 2000.


Kevin Nash’s 10 Worst Matches, According To

Kevin Nash may be a Hall of Famer, but he was no in-ring maestro. These are his worst-ever matches, according to the users of Cagematch.

However, they eventually got back together and couple had a son. This is an adorable picture of the two of them posed together, smiling.

The WWE Kliq Reunited At The WWE Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony

The Members Of The Kliq Remained Friends

The Kliq Hall Of Fame

  • The Kliq took shape backstage in the 1990s in WWE.
  • Kliq members teamed up with and wrestled against each other across time.
  • Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Sean Waltman remained friends for decades.

Wrestling fans certainly loved The Kliq in the 1990s. Although The Kliq was never an official faction on WWE programming, the group was popular backstage.

The group, which considered Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Triple H, Sean Waltman, and Shawn Michaels, helped each other to scale up the ladder in their respective careers, including a number of noteworthy and even brutal matches working against one another. This is the most recent picture of The Kliq in a backstage reunion. All the members of the group are seen here.

Kevin Nash Tries Out Full Beard Look

Kevin Nash Is Best Known To Have A Well-Trimmed Beard

Kevin Nash Long Beard

  • Kevin Nash’s most famous look saw him have long hair and a well-kept beard.
  • Kevin Nash had different looks over time, including chopping off his hair after he lost a Hair vs. Hair Match to Chris Jericho.
  • Kevin Nash took on a different look at the time of this photo, growing out his beard.

Kevin Nash has tried different looks in his career. Before his stardom in WWE, Nash had a different look as Vinnie Vegas. Then as Diesel, he had long, dark hair.

He continued to have the long hair until chopping it off during his second WWE stint in a Hair vs. Hair match against now-AEW-star Chris Jericho. This picture shows a different look of Kevin Nash, as he has a full beard. He has never used such a long and full beard look while wrestling.

Kevin Nash Appears On The Set Of Magic Mike

Kevin Nash Has Appeared In a Number Of Movies, And Magic Mike Was A Memorable One

Kevin Nash Magic Mike

  • Wrestlers like The Rock, Batista, and John Cena have become full-blown movie stars.
  • Kevin Nash didn’t break out in movies like some of his peers, but has enjoyed multiple roles.
  • Kevin Nash was a memorable part of Magic Mike.

While Kevin Nash didn’t have a highly successful movie career like The Rock, Batista, or John Cena, he starred in some movies and TV shows.

One of his biggest movies was Magic Mike, which starred Hollywood elites like Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, Olivia Munn, etc. This photo of Kevin Nash is from the set of Magic Mike. He seems to be doing a scene here with his co-stars.

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