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Reason Behind Gunther Missing Crown Jewel Revealed, Will Also Miss Elimination Chamber

WWE Crown Jewel just took place in Saudi Arabia, and it featured plenty of top-level talent and tremendous matches that made it a memorable show. While the US title took center stage with a new champion in Logan Paul, notably absent from the event was Intercontinental Champion Gunther, who couldn’t make it to Riyadh because he is currently unable to leave the United States.

WWE Fans Felt Gunther’s Absence At Crown Jewel

The longest reigning Intercontinental Champion has become a staple of WWE television ever since Triple H took over creative. Fans were left wondering why Gunther wasn’t booked for Crown Jewel, considering it’s one of WWE’s biggest shows of the year.

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Gunther spoke with Krone and revealed that it was out of anybody’s control, since he’s under strict regulations concerning his residency in the United States, and is unable to leave the country for the next 6 months. Gunther relocated to the US after NXT UK closed its doors and was moved to the main roster.

Gunther Will Also Miss WWE Elimination Chamber

Gunther Intercontinental Champion Raw October 2, 2023 Cropped

As if it wasn’t bad enough for the fans in Saudi Arabia who missed out on seeing Gunther, fans in Australia will be equally disappointed to hear that The Ring General will also be unavailable for WWE Elimination Chamber in 2024, as that event takes place within the timeframe of his travel restrictions. If all goes well, WWE fans in Germany will be able to see Gunther next August for the inaugural Bash In Berlin premium live event.

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While it’s unfortunate that he missed Crown Jewel and will inevitably miss Elimination Chamber, Gunther can still be seen every week on WWE Raw, where he continues his epic IC title reign as the leader of Imperium. His next challenger will be determined on the next Raw, as The Miz, Bronson Reed, Ricochet and Ivar compete in a four-way match for the shot to dethrone Gunther.

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