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Rey Mysterio Makes Emotional Return To Help The LWO

During the Street Fight on Friday between Carlito and Santos Escobar, Rey Mysterio made his return.

  • Rey Mysterio

    rey mysterio


    Chula Vista, California, USA

    Oscar Gutierrez

    5 feet 6 inches

    175 lbs


    Championships Held:
    WWE Championship, World Heavyweight Championship (x2), WWE Intercontinental Championship (x2), WWE United States Championship (x2), WWE Tag Team Championship (x4), SmackDown Tag Team Championship, Cruiserweight Championship (x8), WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship, WCW World Tag Team Championship (x3)

    619, Frog Splash


    Notable Allies:
    edge, Eddie Guerrero, Rob Van Dam

    Notable Rivals:
    Chris Jericho, kurt angle, The Usos, cm punk


    Eye Color:


  • Rey Mysterio returns to WWE, surprises everyone by being medically cleared and taking down Legado del Fantasma.
  • Rey’s strategic use of crutches in the match leads to victory for him and Carlito in a chaotic Street Fight.
  • The feud between Rey and Santos Escobar is far from over, likely heading towards headlining WrestleMania with intense anticipation.

Rey Mysterio is medically cleared and back in WWE. The Hall of Famer returned on Friday night, helping Carlito and the LWO even up the numbers as Carlito battled Santos Escobar in a Street Fight.

Carlito found himself outnumbered by Legado del Fantasma, and when help from the LWO arrived, it still wasn’t enough. That’s when Rey Mysterio’s music hit and the crowd erupted. It wasn’t clear what Rey could do considering he was emerging from the backstage area still on crutches — Mysterio had been out since Santos attacked him and required knee surgery months ago. But, Rey was hiding the fact he was fine, luring his enemies in and using the crutches to attack Humberto and Angel Garza.

Rey unleashed on Santos’ goons and then made his way into the ring to deal with his former friend. Ducking a clothesline, Rey avoided Santos’ offensive attack. Meanwhile, Carlito had gotten back to his feet after a vicious attack and helped Rey take control. Rey hit a 6-1-9 and that led to Carlito putting Escobar through a table. Because the match was a Street Fight, all of this chaos was well within the rules. Carlito was able to secure the pin and earn a victory.

The LWO stood tall, lifting Rey on their shoulders as they celebratedd his return and a big win.


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This Feud Is Far From Over

After the match, Legado del Fantasma was approached backstage by Byron Saxton in a WWE Exclusive video. Escobar vowed to end Mysterio’s legacy and said Rey should have taken the clean way out Santos gave him when he injured him before. Now, he’s setting this sights on taking out Mysterio for good.

This rivalry will likely bleed over into WrestleMania. With Rey back and seemingly set to target Mysterio, this could go several ways. A singles match with the rest of the faction members on the outside makes sense. A tag match, featuring Rey and Carlito could work as well. Rey’s return was a huge moment on an already-packed episode of SmackDown. It arguably got the loudest reaction on the show. It will behoove WWE to ensure Rey is on the biggest show of the year.

That match could signal the end of the battle between Legado del Fantasma and The LWO.

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