Wednesday, February 28

Ric Flair Cleared To Take Bumps, Comments On Possible Match In AEW


  • Ric Flair’s signing with AEW has sparked speculation about his potential return to the ring despite his age.
  • Flair expressed mixed feelings about wrestling again, stating that he doesn’t think he will but would like to if given the opportunity.
  • While it’s unclear if AEW wants Flair to wrestle, his partnership with the company goes beyond promotional spots, and he aims to contribute in any way possible to help the promotion succeed.

Wrestling legend Ric Flair has made waves in the wrestling world by signing a multi-year deal with AEW this week, surprising many fans and industry insiders. This significant commitment by AEW has raised questions about Flair’s potential return to the ring, despite being 74 years old.

In a recent interview with, Flair addressed the possibility of another wrestling match, stating, “No, I don’t think I will… Do I think I’ll wrestle again? No. Would I like to? Obviously.” Flair, however, left the door slightly ajar for a potential return, indicating his willingness to never say never. What might happen instead of a match, is Flair getting physically involved as Sting wrestles a handful of times heading into 2024.

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Frankly, it’s not clear that AEW even wants Flair to wrestle. When he helped put together the event Ric Flair’s Last Match, he admits he actually fell asleep during the bout and messed up everything that had been booked during the contest. That’s not exactly the kind of scenario AEW would like to see repeat itself.


That said, Flair’s partnership with AEW extends beyond just the odd promotional spot. As part of his deal, he will be involved in multiple appearances and has also ventured into a partnership for an energy drink. Flair expressed his desire to be a valuable asset to AEW, emphasizing his readiness to contribute in any way possible, without engaging in backstage politics. He highlighted the depth of AEW’s roster and his willingness to collaborate with the younger talent, offering his expertise and experience to help the promotion succeed. “I would like to be there as much as they want me,” he noted.

Flair Wants To Be Involved Beyond Sting’s Final Storyline

Additionally, Flair discussed his intent to support Sting, who is set to retire after next year’s Revolution pay-per-view. Flair expressed his hope to establish himself as an essential part of AEW, particularly after Sting’s retirement, and contribute meaningfully to the promotion. While Flair’s wrestling future remains uncertain, his presence in AEW has undoubtedly stirred excitement and curiosity among fans, eager to witness how this iconic figure will shape the future of the promotion.

Fans might not want to see him wrestle again, which could be why he says he doesn’t think he will. But, just having the Nature Boy around might be enough for Flair fans who are excited he’s back on the scene.

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