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Ric Flair Shares Story Of Intense Partying Night With Andre The Giant


  • Andre The Giant had an epic drinking capacity, with one legendary night where he consumed over 100 beers.
  • These stories of Andre’s drinking habits contribute to his larger-than-life persona in the wrestling industry.
  • While impressive, Andre’s excessive consumption also had negative effects on his health.

If ever there was a wrestler that could be defined as larger-than-life, it was Andre The Giant. His height and size did indeed make him a once-in-a-lifetime attraction in the wrestling industry, but it was his charm and personality that made him the stuff of legend. Ric Flair recently shared a story about a crazy night out he had with Andre, where he claims the friendly giant had over 100 beers!

Andre The Giant Was Larger-Than-Life In Many Ways

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All wrestling fans know about Andre The Giant’s Hall Of Fame career. Some, however, might not know that Andre was renowned for his epic drinking capacity, and stories about his partying and drinking habits have become part of his legendary persona. Ric Flair shared one such story when he was interviewed on The Rich Eisen Show.

According to The Nature Boy, Andre had well over 100 beers in one night when they were partying in Charlotte, NC. The Nature Boy recalled: “I was with him one night at the Downtown in Charlotte in ’74 or ’75 when he drank 106 beers. Here’s what happened. It was getting so ridiculous, he was having one after another and he was with Frank Valois [Andre’s manager], myself, and a guy named Ivan Koloff.”

As if that wasn’t intense enough, all of that drinking happened in the span of about 6 hours. Flair continued: “Frank Valois drank 56 and Andre drank 106. That’s from 10 o’clock until like 4 in the morning.”


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Andre The Giant is one of the most legendary WWE wrestlers. Plenty of wrestlers were loved by the legend, while he also hated a lot of his co-workers.

While it’s hard to fathom any human drinking such a large amount, even for someone Andre’s size, apparently these stories are (mostly) true. There may be some embellishing, but these remain a significant part of his legacy, adding to the mystique surrounding this iconic figure in the world of professional wrestling and entertainment.

It’s important to note that Andre’s drinking was not without consequences. Excessive alcohol consumption took a toll on his health, contributing to various health issues.

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