Tuesday, April 23

Ridge Holland Announces He’s Stepping Away From In-Ring Competition

During NXT on Tuesday night, Ridge Holland announced that he is taking an indefinite leave from WWE. Is this real or a storyline?

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  • Ridge Holland announced he was stepping away from WWE for mental health reasons, but it’s all part of a storyline.
  • The storyline revolves around Ridge’s past injuring himself and other Superstars, adding a sense of realism.
  • Despite the emotional promo, Holland is not actually leaving WWE, just continuing a long-term storyline.

There is major news coming out of Tuesday’s night’s episode of NXT. In what some believe is a storyline, but others think could be real, Ridge Holland announced on WWE TV that he was ‘stepping away’ from in-ring competition indefinitely. Holland cut an emotional promo during the show saying he doesn’t have what it takes to cut it as a WWE Superstar. As such, he thanked everyone that gave him an opportunity in WWE and NXT, but put the mic down and left. The hint was he may never be back.

Holland said during NXT tonight that he was lacking the resilience needed to be an effective WWE Superstar. He was having a hard time looking in the mirror and in an attempt to do what was best for his mental health, he’s leaving WWE. This had fans questioning whether it was real or a storyline. As per a report by Fightful’s Corey Brennan, it has now been confirmed that the segment was entirely part of a WWE storyline.

The report notes:

“The cliff notes of it are, that Ridge is not going anywhere. It’s a storyline. It’s all part of the larger story that they’ve been telling for weeks if not months now with Ridge in (WWE) NXT. They’ve been building this storyline up for quite a while. It’s obviously quite an important storyline to Ridge, to Shawn Michaels, and a lot of people have questioned if this storyline is something that has received pushback, whether it’s from Ridge or Shawn or anyone else in the back. And I’m honestly surprised to say that there’s been zero pushback within NXT… Ridge has actually been a big supporter of this storyline. He was very motivated to do this storyline for a lot of reasons.”

Ridge was immediately moved to the alumni section of the WWE website roster page.


Wrestlers Come To Defense Of Ridge Holland Who Has Been Receiving Threats Over Big E Injury

Ridge Holland says he’s been receiving death threats since Big E’s injury and other wrestlers are coming to his defense.

What Is The Tease By WWE?

Many are suggesting this storyline revolves around Ridge’s past injuring himself and other Superstars. He was the one who threw Big E on his neck. He also injured one-half of Pretty Deadly. Fans were quick to judge him for being careless and somewhat dangerous, so there is a sense of realism to this storyline that NXT and those involved are looking to explore.

It will be intriguing to see where this all goes. Ridge might be taking some time away, but it’s not believed he is gone for good from WWE.

h/t to WrestleTalk for the transcription

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