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Robert Roode Confirms Full-Time Wrestling Retirement

As all wrestling fans know, the industry is a tough one to leave behind. So many wrestlers have gone into retirement, only to get that itch all over again that eventually leads them back to the ring. Some superstars, though, seem to be content with their careers and are OK to call it quits, especially when their body can’t handle the physicality that comes with being a wrestler. One such name that recently confirmed his full-time days are done is WWE Superstar and TNA legend Bobby Roode.

A Glorious Full-Time Career Comes To An End

Bobby Roode Cropped

Robert Roode sat down for an interview with Chris Van Vliet, where he revealed some details about his future in the wrestling business. Roode has been away from WWE TV for a long period of time, nursing a neck injury. He underwent neck fusion surgery in December 2022, and then again in May 2023.


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His last match was against Omos at a WWE Live event on June 25, 2022. Roode noted that he was officially cleared to compete, although he admits he likely won’t step back in the ring, at least not in a full-time capacity:

I just got green-lighted. The fusion has completely fused. As far as looking at it from a medical point of view, it’s safe to get back in the ring. At almost 48 years old, given the opportunity that I’ve been given now, working as a producer, which was my goal coming to WWE almost eight years ago, I’m quite happy doing this. I feel like I’ve had a good run, and I’m happy doing what I do now. Could I do this full-time? There is no way I could.”

Although one last match is always a possibility, the 47-year-old seems like he’s accepted the fact his body can’t go at the level he wants it to:

“I think everyone would like to have one last match, but when the wheels fall off, the wheels fall off. That’s the nature of the beast in this sport and this industry.”

Bobby Roode Carries On As A WWE Producer

robert roode triple h

While it’s possible that WWE fans can still see Roode in an on-screen role, such as managing another superstar, or even becoming an authority figure (the man looks good in a suit!), for now, he’s content with being a producer.


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As he mentioned, it was his goal when he signed with the company back in 2016 to become a producer. Under Triple H, he’s likely to find great success in that role. As it stands, Roode finishes his full-time career with a litany of gold on his resume, having been a successful champion everywhere he competed, including becoming a 2-time TNA World Champion.

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