Wednesday, February 28

Roman Reigns Retains The WWE Undisputed Title At Royal Rumble


  • Roman Reigns retains his Undisputed Championship in a Fatal 4-Way match, ending the hopes of three challengers.
  • The highlight of the match was Randy Orton reversing a Superman Punch into an RKO, but interference from Solo Sikoa spoiled his chances.
  • Reigns’ WrestleMania opponent remains unknown, but it could be Cody Rhodes or possibly even The Rock if Rhodes doesn’t win the Royal Rumble.

The drawing power of the Royal Rumble may well be in the two 30-person matches after which the event was named, but determining two of the Superstars who will compete for world titles at WrestleMania wasn’t the only item on the agenda in WWE tonight. There was also another chance for someone to finally dethrone Roman Reigns as Undisputed Champion. Three in fact as The Tribal Chief’s gold was up for grabs in a Fatal 4-Way match.

Roman Reigns Run Continues

Randy Orton, LA Knight, and AJ Styles all had the chance to make history and bring the curtain down on a title run that is now the fourth longest in WWE history, but none of them were able to take it. Reigns remains Undisputed Champion, hitting The Phenomenal one with an earth-shattering spear to bring an end to the match.


TNA Knockouts Champion Debuts In Women’s Royal Rumble, Naomi Returns

Naomi is back in WWE, and she was joined in the Rumble by the woman who beat her for the Knockouts Title.

The odds of Reigns’ run coming to an end in a multi-person match midway through a show were always slim, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t moments in this match that didn’t give people the slightest glimmers of hope. Orton reversing a Superman Punch into an RKO having dealt with the rest of the field may well have been the highlight of the match, but it was at that point Solo Sikoa’s inevitable interference came into play.

On To WrestleMania

Just as the referee was about to count three, making Orton a 15-time World Champion, Sikoa dragged the official out of the ring. Unable to do anything since there are no rules in multi-person matches, the match continued and Sikoa kept getting involved. His night eventually came to an end when Styles avoided a running knee, sending Sikoa crashing through the barrier. However, as already noted, that simply freed Styles up to return to the ring and lose the match.

Reigns is still champion, and we may not see him in the ring again until WrestleMania. Who he faces on The Grandest Stage of Them All remains a mystery, but the picture may become clearer by the end of the night. If Cody Rhodes wins the men’s Royal Rumble tonight, it’s probably safe to assume he’ll be the one facing Reigns at WrestleMania. If he doesn’t, perhaps we’ll be getting that Reigns vs. The Rock match.

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