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Ryan Garcia Debuts Girlfriend Mikaela Testa, Claims He Is Training Her To Fight


  • Ryan Garcia introduces new girlfriend Mikaela Testa, an Australian influencer, after divorce from wife Andrea Celina.
  • Boxer announces training Mikaela for boxing match, offering $500,000 purse and PPV share.
  • Garcia emphasizes his commitment to coaching Mikaela for boxing, despite claims that relationship is not yet serious.

Ryan Garcia, the renowned American boxer, has revealed his new romantic partner, just under two months following his divorce from former model wife Andrea Celina. Court records later disclosed that the split occurred due to ‘irreconcilable differences’ after three years of marriage.

In an online post, the 25-year-old expressed his excitement about his newfound relationship with Mikaela Testa, an Australian influencer boasting over 900,000 followers on Instagram. Garcia is presently engaged in a promotional tour for his upcoming bout against Devin Haney, the reigning WBC super lightweight champion.


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Ryan Garcia Claims He Is Training Girlfriend Mikaela Testa For MisFits Boxing Bout

The Boxer Asked Fans Not To Judge His New Girlfriend

Garcia shocked fans as he announced that he is training his new girlfriend for a boxing match. In a bizarre post, he seemingly negotiated a $500,000 purse plus PPV on her behalf.

“Look this is my baby, MY QUEEN BELIEVE THAT!! 👸 Stop judging her is she perfect no. But are you? THOUGHT SO. I love her so stop hating. Btw, I’m training her to fight and I’m willing to put her against whoever on @misfitsboxing and if you feel you can take her tag your self In it and I’ll set up a fight and you’ll walk away with a bag. No less then 500,000$ and percentage of PPV if it makes sense. @mikkimouse404″

His followers seemed confused by the post with many believing that he had been hacked. One commenter criticized Garcia for leaving his wife shortly after she gave birth to their second child.

“You left your wife after having your baby and you are talking about God? Please read the bible and see if you have the right for it 😞.”

Other popular comments under the Instagram post accused the boxer of misrepresenting Christianity while others claimed he was turning into the controversial rapper, Kanye West.

Ryan Garcia Claims Relationship With Mikaela Testa Is ‘Not Serious’ Yet

The Boxer Also Said He Is In Love With The Australian Influencer

In one Instagram Story, Garcia shared a screenshot of Bible verses. In another, he hinted that his relationship with Testa hasn’t progressed to a serious level yet. Nonetheless, he stressed his commitment to training her for boxing, stating that she would compete at a Misfits Boxing event. ‘KingRy’ wrote:

“On a semi-serious note, I have a new girlfriend. It’s not super serious at this time, but she’s my boo… @mikkimouse404 … I’m going to teach her how to fight! She’s the next one up @misfitsboxing”

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