Tuesday, April 23

Ryan Garcia Goes On Bizarre Rant During Andrew Tate Interview


  • Garcia’s erratic social media activity and claims of abuse have ignited concern over his mental well-being and readiness for his upcoming boxing match.
  • Engaging with controversial figures like Andrew Tate, Garcia has doubled down on distressing assertions, fueling speculation and doubt among observers.
  • Despite promises of proof, Garcia’s alarming posts have raised questions about his stability and ability to compete in the ring in April.

The recent conduct of former interim WBC lightweight champion Ryan Garcia has sparked confusion among fight enthusiasts and his inner circle. Garcia’s unsettling social media activity began with a troubling post alluding to his own demise and suggesting the influence of malevolent forces. Despite an attempt to clarify his remarks in a subsequent post, Garcia’s claims of impending imprisonment and financial distress only fueled further speculation.

Garcia’s behavior took a concerning turn when he engaged in a conversation with Andrew Tate, who is a controversial social media influencer. During their exchange, Garcia made startling assertions, including claims of experiencing distressing situations and alleging persecution. These revelations have amplified concerns over Garcia’s mental and emotional well-being.

With Garcia’s recent actions raising red flags, observers are left grappling with the implications of his erratic behavior. The troubling nature of his social media posts and interactions has sparked debate about his mental health and readiness to take on Devin Haney in April.

Ryan Garcia Claims To Have Proof Of Sexual Abuse

The Boxer Went On An Incoherent Rant With Andrew Tate

“I don’t give a f**k, bro, They held me down and made me watch
little kids get r****.
I don’t give a f**k anymore! They f*cking took me to the f**king woods and they… I’m not f**king joke, bro. I have f**king proof. I don’t give a f**k. I’ll show you every f**king video you could ever believe. Bohemian Grove is real. They f**king tied me down and made me f**king watch. I actually don’t give a f**k anymore. Yes, I’ve f**king lost it. They’re r***** kids.”

He then alleged to be a victim of abuse, stating, “I don’t give a f**k, bro,” Garcia added. “They r***d me, right? I was two years old and they r***d me. I have proof of that too. That’s where it all started.”

Tate advised Garcia to release the information and make his claims in a coherant way if he is to be believed.

Ryan Garcia Doubles Down On Bizzarre Claims

He Took To Social Media To Continue His Rant

Ryan Garcia’s recent social media activity has sparked alarm as he continues to double down on claims made during a contentious interaction with Andrew Tate. Garcia’s flurry of posts on various platforms has reinforced his assertions, with statements expressing frustration and a desperate plea for belief in his accounts. Despite his insistence, concerns have arisen regarding Garcia’s mental state and its potential impact on his upcoming boxing match.

In his social media posts, Garcia reiterated distressing claims of being subjected to harrowing experiences and resisting pressure to conform to sinister forces. Despite vowing to provide evidence to support his statements, the concerning nature of his posts has led to speculation about his well-being. Scheduled to face reigning WBC super lightweight world champion Devin Haney at a boxing event in Brooklyn, NY on April 20, doubts have emerged regarding Garcia’s ability to participate amidst fears of a possible psychotic episode.

While Garcia’s father dismissed his behavior as mere trolling, his brother and ex-wife have expressed genuine concerns about his welfare. The uncertainty surrounding Garcia’s mental state has cast doubt on the feasibility of his scheduled boxing match and raised questions about the future of his career.

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