Sunday, April 14

Samoa Joe Becomes World Champion, Eddie Kingston Wins Continental Classic

AEW ended the year with a bang, as AEW Worlds End delivered some big surprises that will have wrestling fans talking heading into 2024. In addition to the big Devil reveal (bay bay), AEW crowned a new World Champion when Samoa Joe shockingly beat MJF in the main event. Elsewhere, Eddie Kingston won the biggest match of his career when he upset Jon Moxley and won the Continental Classic, becoming the first ever AEW Continental Champion and a modern day Triple Crown Champion.

A Shocking End To MJF’s Historic AEW World Title Reign

In the main event of AEW Worlds End, MJF put his “Triple B” on the line against Samoa Joe. The Champ came into this match battered and bruised, sporting numerous injuries, including a beat-up shoulder. Unsurprisingly, Joe focused his efforts on MJF’s injured parts, delivering big move after big move, including a Muscle Buster on the ring apron.


Why Samoa Joe’s AEW Run Is Better Than His WWE Career

While WWE never capitalized on Samoa Joe, AEW has rejuvenated his career and allowed him to be a truly dominant force.

MJF did his best to try and overcome his opponent, but ultimately, Joe caught the champion in a Coquina Clutch, and it was lights out. The crowd was shocked, but a new day is upon AEW, with the veteran Samoa Joe beginning his reign atop the promotion as AEW World Champion.

The Mad King Puts It All On The Line & Wins The Continental Classic

Eddie Kingston upped the ante for the Continental Classic when he announced that he would be putting both his titles, the ROH World Championship and the NJPW Strong Openweight title, on the line as the ultimate prizes for the tournament’s winner. Tony Khan took it one step further, and included a third, new Championship, the AEW Continental title, to be included as part of the package deal for the winner.


10 Backstage Stories About Eddie Kingston Fans Should Know About

It wasn’t an easy road for Eddie Kingston to become All Elite, and there are a number of notable backstage stories to prove it.

It seemed like such a crazy thing to do, but that’s why they call Kingston “The Mad King.” He started the tournament off poorly, but eventually made it to the semi-finals against Bryan Danielson. He overcame the American Dragon and ultimately found himself in the finals against his best friend and rival, Jon Moxley.

It was an incredible, hard-hitting match that saw both men destroy each other in an absolute war. Kingston would eventually get the upset when he won the striking battle, delivering one final back fist for the biggest win of his career. Not only did he retain both his titles, he officially became the inaugural AEW Continental Champion, and a modern-day Triple Crown Champion.

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