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Selena Gomez Faces Backlash For Instagram Comeback: A User Wrote, “When She Needs To Promote Things, It’s A Great Place”

In a surprising turn of events, singer Selena Gomez has returned to Instagram just days after declaring a hiatus from social media. This unexpected comeback has triggered mixed reactions, especially considering her earlier departure, which she attributed to the Israel-Hamas conflict. However, the sincerity of her hiatus is now under scrutiny, with critics questioning the authenticity of her initial reasons for stepping away.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Gomez shared glimpses of her visit to Moo’s Craft Barbecue in Los Angeles, where she sported an apron and posed in what seemed to be a kitchen setting. Contrary to her prior statements about leaving the platform in response to the ongoing conflict, her recent posts featured seemingly upbeat promotional content, including a photo alongside the restaurant’s owners.

The online community has expressed disappointment and frustration, accusing Gomez of contradicting her stance on the Palestine-Israel crisis and failing to use her considerable influence to raise awareness about the ongoing humanitarian issues. One user commented, “Wasn’t she deleting IG? Guess when she needs to promote things, it’s a great place to use her platform.”

Another user remarked, “Oh, so, the break is over now,” while a tweet highlighted the perception of damage control, stating, “Damage control working overtime. Her image is like glass; she can’t afford to break it.”

Earlier in the month, Gomez had voiced her discontent with social media hate and declared her departure. However, she later deleted the post, and her account remains active. In her now-deleted stories, she had asserted, “I am taking a break and deleting my Instagram. I’m done. I do not support any of what’s going on.” This recent return has reignited discussions about the appropriateness of her social media presence amid sensitive global issues, sparking a renewed debate among her followers.

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