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Selena Gomez On What She Wants In Her ‘New Boyfriend’

Singer Selena Gomez has always been in the headlines for her romantic life and rumored boyfriends. From dating Justin Bieber to The Weeknd the singer’s dating life has always been a much-debated topic for her fans and followers. Discussing the same, in a recent interview the singer opened up on what qualities and requirements she will have in her “new boyfriend”.

Selena Gomez On What She Wants In Her “New Boyfriend”

In an interview with SiriusXM Hits 1 “Single Soon” singer Selena Gomez listed out things she wants in her new boyfriend. Saying that she has “standards” Selena said that she lives in a world where boys confuse standards with high maintenance. However, the singer says that the standards and high maintenance aren’t the same thing.

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Selena added, “But the line was really fun because I’m not ashamed to say, I actually require x, y, and z for you to be with me. So, in a way it was just meant to be for the attitude of the song. And that’s genuinely how I feel.”

Talking about the traits in her new boyfriend, Selena stated that she wants a cool man. And a man who is nice, who makes her laugh and also is good to her family and people around her.

Selena Gomez Dating Life

Selena Gomez had previously dated singer Justin Bieber. The duo was a popular one at the time, and their breakup had also garnered high popularity and attention from netizens. Later Selena again grabbed the attention of her fans after she officially started dating The Weeknd. However, the two soon parted ways on friendly terms. Selena has recently been in the headlines for her rumored relationship with singer Zayn Malik.

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