Wednesday, November 29

Selena Gomez reaches 400 million followers surpassing Kylie Jenner!

Selena Gomez becomes the first woman to reach 400 million followers on Instagram, and what makes this extra special for fans is that the singer took to the social media platform to write a special message for her. Taking to Instagram to share a series of photos with her fans, Selena wrote: “I wish I could hug all 400 million of you.”

As mentioned above, Selena recently hit 400 million followers on Instagram, which means she’s the first woman to hit the magic number on the social media platform. Kylie was previously the most followed woman on Instagram. Kylie has 382 million followers.

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When Selena became the most followed female celebrity on Instagram last month, she announced that she would be taking a break from social media. Page Six reported that Selena went live on TikTok last month, saying, “I’m so happy, I’m so blessed. I have the best friends and the best fans in the world and I couldn’t be happier.” “I’m fine, I love who I am, I don’t care,” she added.

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“And yes, I’m going to take a second from social media because it’s kind of silly and I’m 30. I am too old for this,” she continued, adding, “I love her very much and I will follow her.” see her sooner rather than later. I just need to take a break from everything.” However, she soon returned to social media and posted a series of photos with her family.

Selena Gomez Reaches 400M Followers Beating Kylie Jenner!!

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