Wednesday, February 28

Seth Rollins Drops Promo On CM Punk Return At WWE Live Event


  • Seth Rollins takes a shot at CM Punk, emphasizing his absence and negative impact on WWE, showing his loyalty to the company and its fans.
  • Fans are unsure if Rollins’ outburst was real or part of a storyline, but his promo at the live event suggests it could be planned by WWE.
  • The potential rivalry between Punk and Rollins could be a significant storyline, with questions about the roles of each wrestler and how WWE will handle the feud. Monday’s Raw episode may provide more clarity.

One night after CM Punk returned to WWE at Survivor Series, the company was out doing live events. Likely still buzzing from what went down less than 24 hours earlier, WWE fans weren’t sure if the footage of Seth Rollins losing his mind at the premium live event was a work (part of a storyline) or a shoot (real animosity). The promo Rollins cut during the live show on Sunday has given fans who were in attendance a big hint.

Addressing the elephant in the room, he said, “I’m not going to waste any more breath on somebody that’s been gone for 8 years, has done nothing but try and tear this place down. Instead I’m going to take my time and use my breath on talking about the people who’ve been here all along. That’s everybody in the back who’s made WWE the hottest ticket in town, that’s every single one of you who are here tonight.”

Video footage of Rollins yelling at Punk during his return, flipping him off was everywhere. Rollins told WWE officials, including Michael Cole, that Punk better not be in the back when he gets there because he’ll knock him out. Fans weren’t sure what to make of it, especially considering Rollins’ previous comments about Punk being a cancer and a jerk and not wanting him back in WWE. His promo on Sunday was in line with all of that. And, the assumption is here that WWE doesn’t let Rollins cut this promo unless it’s part of a storyline. In fact, it sounds a lot like the promo Hangman Adam Page cut on Punk, which was, in part, a shoot and caused a ton of issues in AEW.


Backstage News On If Seth Rollins Heat With CM Punk Is An Angle

Was Seth Rollins’ reaction to CM Punk returning at Survivor Series part of a work angle the WWE is putting together? Or, was he really mad?

The angle appears to be that Rollins is going to defend WWE and not take kindly to an outsider who spent years bashing the place he’s now seeking refuge in because AEW fired him. Rollins is the one who has been pro-WWE this whole time and working his butt off every night, while Punk has been tearing apart locker rooms while away.

A Punk vs Rollins Feud?

If this is the first real rivalry for Punk in WWE, this is massive. Are they going to put Punk in the main event off the hop? How will the company stretch this out creatively? And, who will wind up being the babyface? One would assume Rollins is going to be positioned as the babyface here, but fans were hugely behind Punk when he arrived. Will that support continue? Or, is Punk the heel and only popular in Chicago?

Monday’s episode of Raw will likely offer a lot more insight into where this is all going.

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