Thursday, February 22

Seth Rollins Finds Inspiration in Concert Message, Clarifying Retirement Thoughts


  • Seth Rollins revealed how a concert by his favorite band, The Wonder Years, reminded him that his wrestling career is closer to the end than the beginning.
  • Rollins’s passion for wrestling was reignited by the lead singer’s message that there is still more to give and achieve.
  • Despite considering retirement and wanting more time with his daughter, Rollins is determined to keep pushing forward, building his legacy in wrestling.

In a recent interview on the Mythical Kitchen YouTube channel, WWE superstar Seth Rollins revealed a poignant moment that reignited his passion for wrestling and helped clarify how much time he’s got remaining in his in-ring wrestling career. Often confused and conflicted about how to explain where he was at in terms of his wrestling future, his favorite band helped put into words where his road will likely take him — both in the short term and the long term.

Rollins explained that he attended a concert by his favorite band, The Wonder Years, where the lead singer, Dan, shared a powerful message with the audience. He said, “We’re closer to the end than we are to the beginning,” eliciting boos from the crowd. But, as wrestlers often do to turn the emotion of the crowd, Dan added, “We’ve got a lot more in the f–king tank.” This statement deeply resonated with Rollins, inspiring him and fueling his determination to keep pushing forward in his wrestling career. Knowing he’s getting closer to the end of his in-ring journey, that doesn’t mean he’s anywhere close to finished building his legacy.

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It makes sense that Rollins might be thinking about his future. He’s accomplished a lot, and has experienced numerous injuries throughout his career. He admitted that he sometimes contemplates his retirement, especially now that he’s got a daughter and there’s a real draw to spend more time with her. Possibly weighing the pros and cons of slowing down or pushing forward, the singer’s words stirred a fired-up feeling within him. And, why would he leave now? He’s firing on all cylinders with a character fans love, he won the World Heavyweight Title in May, and he’s arguably the face of Monday Night Raw every week.

He’s Been At This Wrestling Thing A Long Time

Rollins has been going strong for nearly two decades. After a successful tenure in the indie wrestling scene, he joined WWE in 2010 and debuted on the main roster in 2012 as part of The Shield. He went out on his own a couple of years later and has risen the ranks ever since. He has consistently been a top-tier performer, often reinventing his character to stay relevant and find that “thing” that resonates with fans. Known for his resilience and dedication, Rollins often brags that he’s different than other champions because he believes in defending the title as often as possible.

Rollins understands that he will inevitably slow down and take breaks, but he’s not thinking that time is coming soon.

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