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Seth Rollins Invites Super Bowl Stars Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce To WrestleMania 40

Seth Rollins was asked in an interview about inviting the Kelce’s to WrestleMania and he suggested WWE do a whole lot more than that.

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  • Seth Rollins wants to invite NFL players George Kittle and Travis Kelce, as well as Taylor Swift, to WrestleMania.
  • Rollins recognizes the potential business and media attention that would come with having these popular personalities at the event.
  • WWE has a history of bringing in non-wrestling stars to attract casual fans to WrestleMania.

With the Super Bowl now in the rearview mirror and with WrestleMania 40 right around the corner, Seth Rollins is well aware that bringing anyone associated with the big game is not only a lot of fun for fans of both products, but good business for WWE. As such, he’s invited both of the Kelce brothers, along with George Kittle and Taylor Swift to The Showcase of the Immortals.

Sitting down for an interview in Las Vegas, during an interview with Sports Illustrated, Rollins was asked who he would invite to WrestleMania if he had to choose. Taking the road where he wanted everyone to come and party, Rollins suggested the more the better. He noted:

“I would extend an invitation to both [San Francisco 49ers tight end] George [Kittle] and Travis. We’re in Philly, his brother [Jason Kelce] is there. We can have both of the Kelces there, why not? Let’s have a party. Bring your girl. Bring all the Swifties. Let’s go. I love everybody. Let’s party. George, he’s coming to WrestleMania anyway. He was at WrestleMania last year, he comes to all the WrestleManias, he’s coming anyway. I’d love to have the Kelces there. All of them. Bring the whole crew.”

Rollins is a huge football fan. He’s also no dummy. Taylor Swift and the Kelces were arguably as big a story at this year’s Super Bowl as the two teams were playing in it. The media coverage for Swift being in Travis Kelce’s corner was beyond anything the NFL has ever seen and it was estimated her indirect connection to the team brought above $350 million to the Chiefs franchise in terms of added revenue. The amount of money WWE would stand to make if she were advertised to appear on the show would be insane. Put her on the screen with Travis Kelce and Swifties (the endearing name given to Taylor Swift fans) would buy WWE merch just to support her. They would also likely tune into the show to see what she’s up to.


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WrestleMania Is Known For Their Crossover Appearances

WWE is no rookie when it comes to stars outside of wrestling appearing at their flagship premium live event. Since the inception of WrestleMania 40 years ago, the company has used the broad appeal of Hollywood stars, musicians, and other athletes to draw in casual fans. Having Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift on the show probably isn’t likely, but the timing of such an appearance would be ideal.

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