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Seth Rollins thinks the actors’ strike could be good for WWE

SAG-AFTRA and WGA are currently on strike. Could this be beneficial for WWE?

One of the biggest news in America right now has to do with the ongoing worker strikes in Hollywood. Last week, SAG-AFTRA decided to join the Writers Guild of America on the picket line. It was a landmark move for the organization and one that puts heavy pressure on media corporations to finally give their workers their fair share.

RELATED: Dominik Mysterio Predicts Rhea Ripley Will Win Every Men’s Championship In WWEProfessional wrestlers are not part of any union. Efforts to create a wrestlers’ union were sabotaged by WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan in the 1980s, and have not gained traction since. Unfortunately, for the sake of fighters across the country, that seems unlikely to change.

Seth Rollins believes the SAG-AFTRA strike could increase interest in wrestling


In a recent interview with TMZ, Seth Rollins spoke about the ongoing SAG-AFTRA/WGA strike. He expressed that he believes it could actually be beneficial for WWE, as wrestlers can continue performing during the strike while actors can no longer promote their work. Wrestling News Co. has provided the following transcript:

I mean, a silver lining for us, I guess, you know, it’s a tough time for actors and writers. I think they are doing the right thing, asking for what they deserve. I am by your side. But it’s a lucky part of not being part of a syndicate that we’re still able to perform, and for our audience and people who may not be familiar, you now have a chance to tune in and see what it’s all about. Yeah. I mean, we’ve never been a better business. The greatest it’s ever been, the talent across the board is the best it’s ever been. Business is hot right now. We are in a boom. I think when we remember it, it will be a special moment. Completely.

Seth Rollins is the current WWE World Full Weight Champion. He will defend his title against Finn Balor at Summerslam.

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