Sunday, April 14

Shayna Baszler Begs Rhea Ripley For Viral Rikishi Homage At WWE Live Event

If there’s even the slightest hint of wrestling content in your social media algorithm, then your timeline will have been peppered with one clip in particular over the weekend. Something that happened during a WWE live event that quickly went viral. For those who have somehow managed to avoid the biggest wrestling news of the weekend, I’m talking about a clip of Rhea Ripley paying homage to Rikishi by performing the Hall of Famer’s signature Stinkface on Nia Jax.

Give Shayna A Stinkface

Jax teased doing the move first before Ripley reversed it and did it herself. The Women’s World Champion does all of the preamble, hiking up her gear and slapping her behind before backing up. Not only has that clip been shared endlessly on social media, but Ripley’s fiance, AEW star Buddy Matthews, got in on the fun by claiming that happens to him every week. Clearly, a reveal that made Shayna Baszler very jealous.


Rhea Ripley Wants Unparalleled Match With Top Male WWE Star

Rhea Ripley revealed that she had three favorite wrestlers when she got into the business and is still hoping to, one day, wrestle one of them.

Acutely aware of the moment from the night before going viral, Ripley and Baszler used that to their advantage at a live event on Sunday night. The Aussie teased doing it again, and when Baszler realized, she threw herself in the corner and requested she be the next victim of Ripley’s Stinkface. The champ then did whatever the Stinkface equivalent of tuning up the band is like she did the night before, preparing to hit the move on a very aware Queen of Spades.

No Stinkface For You

Much to the chagrin of those in attendance, and everyone hoping Ripley’s Stinkfaces going viral would become a daily occurrence, the recipient of the champ’s first Stinkface was on hand to make sure it didn’t happen again. Ripley turned around, preparing for her run-up, only to be met by a clothesline from Jax. No Stinkface for Baszler, and even though the clip cuts off there, I’m assuming the proposed recipient of Ripley’s second Stinkface (not counting Matthews’ ones) was very unhappy about being saved by Jax.

Ripley may well be WWE’s top female star right now, and even though she’s great at it, it’s not necessarily because of her wrestling. While it’s the most viral moment of her title reign so far, the Stinkface isn’t the first. Last summer the blunt answer she gave when asked what she and Dominik Mysterio like to do in their spare time stunned fans for all the right reasons. Ripley also revealed she’d like to get Mysterio’s face tattooed on her chest.

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