Wednesday, November 29

Sheamus says WWE made a mistake with Money in the Bank ladder match

Sheamus, a four-time WWE World Champion, strongly believes he deserves a spot on the card for the upcoming Money in the Bank event in London on July 1. In fact, he seems to be a bit disturbed that he wasn’t reserved. on the card and a part of the match after the last time WWE went overseas and blew the roof off the venue in the Clash at Castle Wales.

During an interview with Alistair McGeorge of Meter, Sheamus emphasized his previous experiences in Europe and why he should play a big role in Money in the Bank. Hailing from Ireland, Sheamus highlighted his memorable Intercontinental Championship match against Gunter at Clash at the Castle, the match was as good as it got and probably should have given him some leverage when it comes to future events in Europe. He noted the overwhelmingly positive response fans got on that occasion, and anticipates that it would have had a similar reception in London.


Sheamus Vs Gunther Clash At The Castle

He noted, “I mean, selfishly I should. If it’s with Ridge [Holland] Also, that would be great. But listen, the last time we were in Wales [for Clash At The Castle in September], I tore off the bleeding roof of the place. No one came over!” She added, “Roman [Reigns]Drawing [McIntyre] It wasn’t close, and it was built around that match. nobody approached [me and Gunther]. Every time I’m there, I blow the roof off the place.”

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He noted that no matter where he is, he’s always going to deliver an explosive matchup. But he also suggested that he should be the first person WWE thinks of, especially when a pay-per-view comes to Europe like that. “So yeah, 100 percent, it should be there,” he pointed out.

Isn’t Butch’s presence enough?

As things currently stand, Sheamus has not been listed on the Money in the Bank card. However, his Brawling Brutes stablemate Butch, who hails from England, has secured a spot in the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match. It’s fair to argue that Butch should get a similar response to Sheamus and that perhaps WWE is simply giving another popular star a chance to wow a European audience that will clearly support him.

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