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Shinsuke Nakamura Uses CM Punk Finisher On Raw Sparking More Theories


  • WWE is fueling speculation about CM Punk’s possible return, with recent segments and teases hinting at his comeback.
  • The latest tease came when Shinsuke Nakamura hit a GTS move on Ricochet during Monday Night Raw, a move synonymous with Punk.
  • While it could be a coincidence, WWE’s consistent hints and the fans’ excitement suggest that Punk’s return would be welcomed and generate buzz for the company.

Following the words uttered by Corey Graves on commentary Friday night, then compounded by the phrasing used by Seth Rollins during a promo with Michael Cole, fans were having fun trying to connect the CM Punk dots amidst other teases that may or may not actually have been teased. WWE pulled another move on Monday that has fans wondering if The Greatest in the World is making his way to WWE.

The rumors of a possible return to WWE gained traction after Punk’s abrupt departure from AEW last month. Many fans think he’s coming and reports are that he’s open to signing if WWE is interested. As a result, WWE is seemingly feeding into the fun and may have offered the most obvious tease when Shinsuke Nakamura hit a GTS on Ricochet during Raw on Monday night.

Nakamura was visibly enraged after his loss in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at Fastlane, and got into a fight with Ricochet during a backstage interview. Later in the show, he attacked The One and Only during his entrance. Nakamura’s assault escalated on the stage, culminating in him executing the Go to Sleep (GTS) move, a maneuver synonymous with CM Punk. Punk had famously utilized the GTS during his WWE tenure, a move he borrowed from the Japanese star KENTA, also known as Hideo Itami during his WWE stint.

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Fans couldn’t help but try to make a connection when Nakamura hit the move. There’s a very good chance this is little more than a coincidence, but because of the talk that Punk might be on his way to WWE, every possible connection is something the WWE Universe is running with.

Is WWE Actually Trolling Fans?

While this incident marks a direct and compelling tease, it’s part of a series of hints dropped by WWE in recent weeks. Several segments on WWE TV have subtly suggested the return of the former AEW World Champion and even Graves took to social media to suggest the fans are reaching with their theories and should probably find a new hobby. That said, if this is WWE throwing hints towards the fan base, people are catching on quickly.

As the speculation surrounding Punk’s comeback continues to intensify, there will certainly be more of these moments. For WWE, it doesn’t hurt if the fans build this up, especially if Punk ends up getting signed.

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