Friday, December 1

Shotzi Explains The Real Life Reason She Shaved Her Head On SmackDown

Shotzi shaved her head in solidarity with her sister, who is currently battling liver cancer.

Shotzi had what may well be his most memorable moment on WWE’s main roster yet. Slap this week. Sitting cross-legged as she spoke to the camera, Shotzi reminded fans of her that Damage CTRL pinned her two weeks ago so Bayley could cut off a lock of her hair. Claiming that she is not afraid of the group and that she is still in control of her, Shotzi grabbed a pair of scissors and proceeded to shave off the rest of her hair.

Shotzi shaves her head

No camera tricks, no makeup magic, Shotzi really shaved off her instantly recognizable long green hair. If you missed this week’s SmackDown, you can check out the segment below. Shotzi shared it on Instagram and it has received a lot of positive reactions from both fans and his colleagues.

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Shotzi is likely to have also explained the real life reason why he wanted to shave his hair off. Posted on her Instagram stories, Shotzi wrote: “I love you sis! You are my inspiration!” The WWE Superstar also shared a photo of her sister Shawnee, who reacted by shaving her head and letting her brother know that she loves her.

Shotzi’s sister is battling cancer

Shotzi’s sister Shawnee is currently battling liver cancer and appears to have lost her own hair, presumably as a side effect of chemotherapy. Knowing that incredibly moving extra detail makes what was a memorable segment on Friday night feel that much more meaningful. What is not clear is how exactly this happened. If it was something WWE suggested, or if it was Shotzi’s idea.

My guess would be that the haircut happened two weeks ago, and Shotzi saw an opportunity. A chance to not only make an angle with Bayley feel that much more important, but also a chance to show solidarity with her sister as she battles an incredibly serious illness while also making it work for her character in screen of her The severity of Shawnee’s cancer has not been shared publicly, nor should it be necessary, but all of us here at TheSportster wish her the best and hope she makes a full recovery.

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