Tuesday, April 23

Shotzi Suffers Potentially Serious Knee Injury During NXT Title Match

Yet another knee injury to a female WWE Superstar.


  • Shotzi suffered a knee injury during a pre-taped NXT match, possibly changing WWE’s plans for Elimination Chamber.
  • The injury occurred when Shotzi attempted a DDT on the apron, leading to the match being stopped.
  • Shotzi’s injury adds to a list of female WWE Superstars dealing with knee injuries, highlighting the need to address the issue and prevent further injuries.

An injury suffered during a pre-taped edition of NXT led to the match being brought to a premature end and may well change WWE’s plans for Elimination Chamber. Teased during Tuesday’s episode of NXT, Shotzi faced off against Women’s Champion Lyra Valkyria in a match that was supposed to air next week. However, an injury suffered by Shotzi meant the match was stopped, meaning it’s possible it won’t be shown on TV at all.

Elimination Chamber Plans

According to Fightful’s Corry Brennan, the injury occurred when Shotzi attempted to hit Valkyria with a DDT on the apron. Suffering a knee injury in the process, the match was stopped and the challenger was helped backstage. As for WWE’s Elimination Chamber plans, Shotzi is supposed to wrestle Tiffany Stratton in a qualifying match this Friday on SmackDown. If Shotzi’s injury is as serious as it seems, that match may not happen or need to be changed.


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The most likely scenario is Stratton faces someone else for the chance to be a part of the women’s Elimination Chamber match in Australia. Whether Shotzi is seriously injured or not, it feels like Stratton will be winning that match, regardless of who she faces on SmackDown. Still technically an NXT star, Stratton is being given some main roster opportunities. Like Bron Breakker, WWE seems to be testing the waters ahead of a full call-up.

Shotzi Blackheart WWE

WWE’s Knee Injuries

Shotzi’s knee injury adds to a growing list of female WWE Superstars being sidelined with similar issues. Charlotte Flair and Cora Jade will both miss the bulk of 2024 as they recover from knee injuries, Nikkita Lyons is easing back into NXT life after nearly a year on the shelf, and Sol Ruca and Wendy Choo are also absent recovering from similar problems. Certainly worth noting that so many serious knee injuries have been suffered in such a short period, and that all of the stars injured are women.

No news yet on just how serious Shotzi’s knee injury is. Hopefully it sounds worse than it is and even if she has to miss SmackDown this week, she won’t be out of action for as long as Jade and Flair. On top of not wanting to see anyone have to sit on the sidelines for that long, WWE can’t afford to keep losing female stars to the same injuries and will need to figure out what’s causing them sooner rather than later.

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