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“Smoking” Pics Of BTS’ Jungkook Goes Viral, Army Defends The Idol

bts jungkook pics smoking goes viral

Recently a few pictures of BTS idol Jungkook have been making rounds on the internet. In the viral pictures, the SEVEN singer was seen smoking in Los Angeles. The highly shared pictures of the BTS idol “smoking”, have left the army and fans divided, here’s how the netizens have reacted to BTS Jungkook’s “smoking” pictures-

Smoking Pics Of BTS’ Jungkook Goes Viral

A series of pictures of BTS idol Jungkook are going viral on social media in which the K-pop idol was seen smoking in Los Angeles. The pictures have left the netizens and fans divided, while some are defending the idol for being himself, others were seen criticizing Jungkook for smoking.

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Sharing the video, a user criticized Jungkook for smoking and wrote, “Sad. These entertainers who sing, dance, workout…putting crap in their bodies that will harm their voice, lungs, body…yes, they’re adults but they are also either extremely ignorant or lacking in smarts. Sad.”

Another user slammed the K-pop idol for smoking and tweeted, “For those saying he looks cool….really….its a harmful habit ….stop normalizing it just because its Jungkook….he smokes…okay…is it cool or good…no way….also bad considering how he wanted his dad to stop smoking and is smoking now! So he is like every other celeb out there!”

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On the other hand, many fans of the idol came out to support him, a user tweeted, “Drinking okay for you guys but smoking getting harm to healthwhat kind of logic is that. He is young & free. He can look after himself. You guys don’t need to be worried about that. Let him live as freedoms. He is not doing anything wrongs and harms to other ppl Seriouly”

Meanwhile, this is not the first time that the K-pop idols were seen smoking in public. Previously pictures of BTS idol and member, V aka Taehyung was also seen smoking right before the beginning of his performance at the Grammy awards.

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