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‘Snowfall’ spinoff is in the works; Gail Bean said she’ll play the star

A spin-off of the hit drama series Snowfall is in the early works, Deadline reported. No one commented, but rumors suggest it could star Gail Bean reprising her Snowfall fan-favorite character, Wanda. The spin-off is a continuation of the original story set in 1990s Los Angeles, as South Central transitions from the crack era to the gangster rap business, with areas heavily infested with gangs led by the Bloods and the Potatoes. fries.

Wanda would serve as a link between the original show and the spinoff, which is expected to introduce other main characters, sources told Deadline. It is not yet known if other characters from the original could appear in the new show.

After 6 successful seasons on FX, Snowfall will conclude its broadcast on April 19. Damson plays Idris Franklin Saint, a young drug dealer in 1980s Los Angeles at the height of the crack epidemic. One of Franklin’s closest associates is his old friend Leon (Isaiah John), with whom he runs the streets.

In the early seasons, Wanda was the girlfriend of Leon, who becomes addicted to crack and becomes homeless. She struggles to break the habit and survive, working odd jobs and focusing on staying clean. Wanda and Leon finally tie the knot in Ghana in the third episode of the sixth and final season, currently airing on Wednesday nights. Also in season 6, a civil war threatens to destroy the Saint family.

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Snowfall was John Singleton’s last project before he died in 2019, which he created with Amadio and Andron. The series is executive produced by Singleton, Andron, Schlemme, Amadio, London, Engelson, Leonard Chang, Walter Mosley and Julie DeJoie. Idris also serves as a producer. Snowfall is an FX Productions production.

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‘Snowfall’ Spinoff Is In Process; Gail Bean Said To Play Star

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